Feb 6 2008

No matter what candidate you are supporting, I hope you enjoy this election because you are likely never to see anything like it again in your lifetime. For political junkies, it is the Big Daddy of all elections. Obamaclinton1

Who would have dreamed four years ago, four months ago or even four weeks ago, that the Democratic nomination race for President of the United States would be essentially tied between a woman and an African American man? This morning we wake up and find that each candidate has shown broad support from coast to coast. Both candidates pulled well in different states with different constituencies.

Senator Clinton continues to maintain the crown of frontrunner with her wins in the big states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arizona and the grand prize of California. She gets the bragging rights for taking some symbolic states. Senator Obama last night impressed greatly by taking significant states like Georgia, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado, Illinois and Connecticut. He can brag about the scope of his wins and running slightly ahead in delegates.

Clinton can be reassured that her coalition of senior citizens, Hispanics and women held strong for her. Obama saw the African American vote overwhelmingly line up with his campaign along with young voters and in many places white men. He had to be delighted with his landslides in such red states as Idaho, Utah, Alabama, Alaska and North Dakota. Obama not only won those states but won them by huge margins.

At this moment, the race is far from over. We essentially have a dead heat. Over the next weeks we will participate in the epic battle of our political lives. In future years, historians will be writing about the race between Clinton and Obama as a turning point in our history.

We now just have to find out how the history books will end.