Feb 3 2008

In Turkey Hollow, we don't like to move too quickly.

In these hills, we take our time before making big decisions like buying land or choosing who we are going to support for public office. People in the Hollow take their politics seriously and once they make their mind up, it is almost impossible to shake their loyalty. In Johnny's barbershop, the locals passionately debate presidential politics. Others converse about the campaign down the street at Peck’s Market. Citizens in the Hollow deeply love their country, and they are concerned about who will lead it.Obama

So, when my choice for President failed to move forward, I was tempted to sit back and slowly reflect on who best represents my values and beliefs. However, given these troubled times and the closeness of the race, I realized that I had to decide quickly who I will vote for this coming Tuesday.

With careful reflection over the last several days, I have made up my mind. On Tuesday, I will enthusiastically vote for Senator Barack Obama for President.

The major factor in my decision to endorse Obama is the war in Iraq. To put it simply, he was right from the beginning.

He opposed this war from the start, while Senator Clinton initially supported it and continues to defend her record today. Senator Obama had the judgment to understand what a folly it would be for this nation to invade and occupy Iraq. Imagine if Senator Obama had been President when the Iraq crisis started years ago. Hundreds of thousands of people would still be living, American families would still have their sons and daughters, our young would not be learning to walk without their limbs and our country would have a healthy economy.

Obama continued his good judgment when he opposed the Senate resolution naming Iran's army a terrorist organization. He knew that it would only empower Bush/Cheney to take military action in Iran. Much to my dismay, by voting for the Bush/Cheney resolution, Senator Clinton proved that she still doesn’t understand the mistake she made in supporting the Iraq War. I want someone with Senator Obama's beliefs and values making our foreign policy.

Senator Obama gives me hope again.

In many ways Obama is what I thought Bill Clinton was going to be in 1992. Obama is a person with a transcendent vision of post-partisan politics, who might heal this nation and bring us together. Obama’s rhetoric rises above the anger and hatred that has seeped into American politics during the last decade, and he is asking us to seek a better world. He is asking the American people to build and not to tear down. He is asking all of us to join him in seeking peace and taking care of our neighbors. This nation desperately needs to be healed and Obama is the person to do it.

Senator Obama is bringing us together again.

Not since Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968 have I seen such an amazing coalition like the one Senator Obama has brought together. Amazingly, he has motivated our young to become involved in the process. How heartening it is to see thousands and thousands of our young filling arenas to cheer someone running for President. How heartening it is to see Obama bring black and white together. Time and time again, he has reached across party lines to build a powerful coalition of Democrats, Republicans and Independents that can take us to victory in the fall.

Senator Obama is qualified to be President.

There is absolutely no question in my mind that Senator Obama is Senator Clinton's peer on substance and policy. Clearly, he is not only ready on day one to be President, but he also will be right on day one! Obama has surrounded himself with some of the best minds in the country. He has the ability to inspire us to make sacrifices and to serve our nation. The Senator has one of the best minds in the country. Like President Kennedy, he and his family will make us proud to have them in the White House.

So, with great enthusiasm, I embrace Senator Obama and am allowing myself to dream and believe again.

It sure feels good.