Sep 9 2008

In contemplating writing this piece, I wondered if it was necessary since I know so many of my readers Mixner_2008_jul_03_3235 are supporters of the Obama/ Biden ticket. Then it dawned on me that everything I have ever believed in, cared about and hoped for is at stake in this election. Never in my forty years of organizing have I felt that so much was in jeopardy.

So please indulge me and read on.

There is no question in my mind but that the McCain/Palin ticket is the most extreme to be presented to the American voters in decades. If you care about employment, sending jobs overseas, deficits, foreclosures, the war in Iraq, peace, justice, separation of church and state, the Supreme Court, civil rights, the struggle for LGBT rights, our position in the world, wildlife, global warming, the environment, etc, then this election could decide the final fate of many of such issues.

I really don't know if we can survive as a democracy - let alone a nation - with four more years of Bush/Cheney policies...and make no mistake, that is exactly what the McCain/Palin ticket would ensure.

We will not be able to go back and retrieve that child who is hungry in America or dying in the Congo or perishing in so called 'holy wars'. We will not be able to go back and find those American jobs that have been shipped overseas to places that employ child labor and condone sweat shops. We will not be able to go back and retrieve those endangered species that are sacrificed in the name of commerce. We will not be able to refreeze arctic ice flows melting on a daily basis. The rain forests will not magically reseed and grow back overnight. We won't be able to rescue a child lost in a broken educational system. We won't be able to go back and save those lost to a broken health insurance system. We won't be able to breath life into those who die of hate crimes because our leaders fail to heal the divisions in our nation. We won't be able to ask the new Right Wing appointees to the Supreme Court to step down in the interest of justice if we once again get power. We will not be able to go back to remove the increasing theocracy that threatens the First Amendment. We might not ever recover our civil liberties when, instead of protecting us, our government creates fear to divide us.

There is no going back. The only question that remains to be answered is how we go forward as a nation.

There is absolutely no question in my mind but that the only way to go forward with hope, peace, justice, vision and love is with the team of Obama/Biden. Their election is critical to the future of this nation.

While I believe that this team is far from perfect, I am certain they remain true to the vision they are painting for America. But they will need us to help heal the pain of the last eight years, to build for a strong tomorrow and to protect our Constitution. And most importantly, they need us now.

Like never before in our history, if we care for this planet and the people on it, we must step forward and accept personal responsibility for this election. We cannot wait for someone else to 'fix it'. We must give 100% to not only stop the policies of the last eight years but also to give us all at least a chance for change and hope.

What does that mean?

-Give contributions like you never have given before. Give until it hurts because I promise you, if you don't, it will hurt a hell of a lot more down the road.
-Double check your registration since the Republicans will attempt to disenfranchise us.
-Make a personal commitment to ensure all your friends (especially those that support Obama/Biden) are registered to vote.
-Make sure you vote early or by absentee in case something comes up with weather or travel or personal emergency that might affect your ability to vote on election day.
-Vote in those online polls, write letters to editors and speak out.
-Give at least a day to volunteer, canvass, phone bank and reach out to others.
-Put an Obama car magnet on your car (go to the Obama store at the Obama website), wear an Obama t-shirt, put on that Obama label pin. Declare yourself publicly to your fellow workers, family members and the public.
-Volunteer to be a poll watcher on Election Day - especially if you are a lawyer - and protect our right to vote.

Finally, I ask you to do this without anger or adding to the existing fear but to show this nation that we are about unifying, loving and caring. Let everyone see how attractive these traits can be in public life.

Thanks for reading this post. I really appreciate it. Now, go for it.