Dec 12 2008

This time of year our mailboxes are full of terrific organizations asking for that one-last-of-the-year gift to help them get through the always tough development months of January and February. So many to chose from and so many deserving and in this year so little money available for them. What a perfect time for read Dan Pallotta's new book -"Uncharitable".

Dan strips away the traditional ways of fundraising and dares to suggest new models that will be better CRW_8636 suited for the 21st century. Former Senator Gary Hart of Colorado says about Dan's new tome, "This is nothing less than a revolutionary work."

Dan is a longtime friend of mine and I have had the honor of watching his skills and talents develop over the years. He has always chosen to seek an unique path and one that often treads very close to 'the edge'. In that position, he has been able to see the world in a little different light than most of us. For him, that has sometimes been a difficult journey but for us, he has created new models in fundraising that are now acceptably practiced by many organizations.

Quite simply, "Uncharitable" is a compelling read for anyone ingrained in development, involved in charities or determined to find new ways to raise funds in a traditional world. In this thought-provoking book, Palotta examines the misconceptions, gives us case studies and outlines a new path for NGO's. When I first opened the book, quite honestly, I was a little concerned that I might find it too dry or scholarly for holiday reading. However, once I started it, I couldn't put it down. Even the charts at the end had me hooked!

Like all amazing pioneers, Dan hasn't been without his distracters, but they would be doing themselves a disservice not to open their minds and read this revolutionary book. You may find, as I did, areas of disagreement, places where you have questions and sometimes sections where you might want more details. Yet, isn't that what a good book is supposed to do - make the reader question and think?

Dr. David Ho, who is Director of Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center and in 1997 was TIME magazines "Man of the Year," knows a great deal of the importance of money in doing good work. He says of "Uncharitable":

"Dan Pallotta has elevated the questions we need to be asking. His book provocatively challenges traditional views of how charities should operate and provides a thought-provoking alternative."

I agree. You should do yourself a favor and pick up "Uncharitable" today.