Feb 3 2009

180px-Gay_flag_svg Over the last three months, I have received email after email about who is responsible for the passage of Proposition 8 in California. Our press and blogs have been filled with charges and counter charges. Public meetings have been held and some believe not enough meetings have been held. The shock of the loss clearly has impacted us all. Those feelings are valid - after all, the largest state in the country legally put in its Constitution that the LGBT community is a group relegated to second class status.

However, it is time to say "Enough!"

Everyone has had a chance to speak his or her mind, hold meetings, march in the streets, make accusations and defend any actions. We clearly have been given enough information to form our own opinions of what want went right and what went wrong. After all, folks, this is not rocket science! Yes, campaigning is an art but it is not an unknown when we are starting from scratch.

Take time, read all the endless articles, blog reports, emails and make a final determination based on what you perceive to be the facts. Once that is accomplished, let's get on with the future. We have wallowed in the past enough. We have the information we need. If you don't like a particular organization then don't support it. If you think someone has done a great job, then form an alliance with them. If you are displeased with everyone then for God sakes create your own force and put it out there into the world.

It is time to meet head-to-head about the future and fully discuss some really key questions. Let me throw out a few.

-What is fair to expect from the Obama team and when is it realistic to see actions on our issues?
-Should we immediately place another proposition on the ballot?
-Should our priority be to make the Justices on the California Supreme Court who supported us are not defeated in 2010?
-Should we continue to support ENDA as is or is it time to create a huge new all inclusive civil rights legislation?
-How do we hold the Democratic Party, Congress and President Obama accountable on our issues?

Without a doubt there are many more questions and priorities that each of you have out there. Lets move head first into the future, respect our differences, participate in a way each individual feels comfortable participating, build individual alliances and hang tough on our issues.

The only disaster would be if these endless conversations on Proposition 8 turned the grassroots off, grounded our vision for the future and diffused our power as a community. It's up to us to not let that happen.