Feb 12 2009

Capt_933ac13adf8f4e27a312b9e2fe28a48e_clinton_nc_state_ncral102 A1d21d65-a7ba-4384-9f99-82aaf685d6f6 A few weeks back, this site broke the news that President Bill Clinton on February 15th plans on making a speech for money at the Manchester Hotel in San Diego. That hotel is the site of a boycott and constant picket line because of the owner's support of Proposition 8 and horrible labor practices. In a powerful new coalition, UNITE (the powerful unions) and the LGBT community has been picketing the hotel and urging a boycott. Not since the days of the Coors boycott in the late 1970's has there been such a powerful labor and LGBT alliance.

With the placement of an across-the-top banner on the New York Daily News Online site, the pressure for the President to cancel his speech for money has grown enormously this week. On the site, there is a letter signed by powerful names in the LGBT community strongly urging President Clinton not to cross the picket lines. Signed by such LGBT powerhouses as Cleve Jones the founder of the AIDS quilt, Rich Jacobs Chair of the Courage Campaign and Fred Karger Chair of Californians Against Hate, the letter is a direct appeal to the President.

Read the entire letter by just clicking here.

This is such an issue of right and wrong! The only question is will President Clinton cross our picket lines for money?