Jun 24 2009

Over 250 service members have been dismissed under Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) since President Barack Obama took office. My daddy used to say, "The quickest way to know a person is to walk in their shoes." That got me thinking: what would the President and First Lady's lives be like if they had to live under this oppressive policy?

Obama Let's us play 'what if' and examine what just one day in the life of our Commander-in-Chief would be like living under the very policy that he says can wait a while before being changed. So join me in pretending that the Obamas are a gay couple and lets take a peek at their life under DADT.

First of all, Michelle Obama and the children would have to immediately move out of the White House. Base housing would absolutely not be available for same sex couples and their families. In fact, they would be ineligible for any housing, PX or other benefits accorded to straight people.

While serving as Commander in Chief, Barack Obama would have to find ways to secretly and safely meet with his wife and children since if anyone knew he had a same sex family he would lose his job and all his benefits. In some cases, they could impeach him for having a same sex relationship.

Once at the job in the morning, there absolutely could be no photographs of his family, no talk of them at the water cooler, no acknowledgement of their existence. Most likely he would be kidded about being a bachelor and a ladies man! He would have to laugh with the guys about the jokes.

If any of his children or his wife became ill while he was away on the job, he could not come home on emergency leave to take care of them because they 'do not exist'. In such a case, neither his wife or children would be able to use any military medical facilities. God forbid that he would have a medical emergency or have a health crisis; they, in turn, could not run to his bedside to be with him because they would be discovered and while still in his sickbed, he would be dismissed from his job.

If he was being deployed or walking to that helicopter to leave to go overseas, Mrs. Obama could not come and say good bye like the others leaving on the trip. They would have to say good-bye within their home so no one could possibly see any affection in public. The Commander-in-Chief would have no one to bid him farewell as he is surrounded by others kissing farewell.

If there was a special event at the White House, none of his family could attend nor could he publicly thank them for being supportive. He would have to bring his sister or a best girl friend while his family sat at home in shame.

The Presidency is a tough job and in moments of crisis people talk about their families and get strength from sharing about them. The President never could mention them. He could never share stories about his little girls or the trip they took. No vacation pictures would be allowed.

None of the President's friends could meet his family nor know about them. You never know when someone is going to get angry with you and report you to the Staff and have you dismissed. No one can be counted on to keep your secret.

There could be no 'date nights' or public displays of affection; if seen by any military people that could cost you your career. If a buddy should run into the Obamas, the President would have to introduce Michelle as a close friend and deny that the children were his own.

If our president were to win an honor, say the Nobel Peace Prize, Mrs. Obama and the children could not be present.

That is just a slight indication of how a day in the lives of Barack and Michelle Obama might go if they had to live under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". You know and I know they could never live like that on a daily basis. They would find the denial of their love impossible. Mrs. Obama would never tolerate being treated like that in public.

Yet somehow, everyone expects the LGBT military families to continue living this horror of a daily life. How can they expect us to go on for another year or two when most likely they wouldn't survive a day or two under these horrendous condition?