Aug 31 2009

-An astounding 66.7% of readers think that President Obama is doing a poor to horrible job on handling LGBT issues ar. Over a quarter of them declared that he was doing a horrible job. Only 9.2% thought he was doing an excellent or good job.

-Change is in the air in Japan as voters overwhelmingly kicked out the governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The LDP has ruled Japan almost exclusively since the end of the War. The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) is predicted by exit polls to sweep to power in a landslide. The DPJ according to BBC News promises a more 'balanced relationship with the United States.'

-Didn't you just love the fact that during the funeral Mass of Senator Edward Kennedy part of the official religious rite included the words gay and straight? Right there in the Cathedral with the Cardinal reigning in his robes, Senator Kennedy, even in death, did not forget the LGBT community.

Simmons Fire -In another historic first, Mayor Denise Simmons of Cambridge, Massachusetts (photograph) will marry her lesbian partner in an African-American church. Bravo to the Mayor and her partner and wishing them much happiness.

-Big question in LGBT political circles is "Will Congressman Barney Frank give up his powerful Chairmanship in the House in order to run for United States Senate in Massachusetts?" That question is quickly followed by, "How many members of the community will side with the Kennedy's if one of them should decide to run?" Will be interesting times in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the next couple of months.

-Famed political commentator Charlie Cook says that there are seven toss-up states in the 2010 United States Senate Races. The seven are Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Connecticut and New Hampshire. In addition Pennsylvania, California and Colorado are only 'leaning Democratic' which could spell a tough year for the Dems!

-Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Vaillaraigosa is giving marriage equality advocate and donor David Bohnett a special award at the upcoming Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Respect Awards on October 9! Sure will be a special evening for the Los Angeles community.

-This is music? Rapper Buju Banton has seen a lot of his concerts dates canceled since he advocates in his music 'killing faggots' . How does a man like this even get a record contract?

-Will someone explain to me what is left for the public in healthcare reform if we remove the "public option?" Is it just me, is this one confusing mess at this stage?

-Fasten your seatbelts and watch your wallets because it looks as if the Colorado Democratic Party will have a tough primary for the seat currently held by appointed Democratic Senator Michael Bennet. Handsome, young and former Speaker of the Colorado House Andrew Romanoff has decided to challenge Bennet in the primary!

-This week is the anniversary of horrible Hurricane Katrina that killed near 2,000 people along the Gulf Coast. President Obama is heading to New Orleans to honor those who died and point out how much more needs to be done. Katrina was the Bush administration's greatest shame. Let's hope that the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA under President Obama is better prepared and they are ready for the next major disaster.

-Remember one of the 'heroes' of Hurricane Katrina named General Russell Honore who helped restore order to the streets of New Orleans? Taegan Goddard's Political Wire reports that the general is ready to challenge in the primary Republican Senator David Vitter who has a love of prostitutes! That could be some race for the public to watch!

-Quinnipiac University newest poll has Mayor Bloomberg hitting 50% in his bid for a third term in the Big Apple. He currently hold a 15% lead over his rival Democrat Comptroller William Thompson.

-California Wildfire Season is in full swing this week. The Los Angeles Time Web site ran this amazing picture that one of their readers shot in Palmdale, California.