Sep 22 2009

National equality march

There will be an AIDS rally and candlelight vigil on Saturday night (October 10th) at the National Equality March. Realizing that the battle against HIV/AIDS is not over and the importance of remembering the hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters who have died from AIDS, the rally and vigil will be at the Ellipse across from the White House starting at 5:30PM.

An article by Mark Reed reveals the details and dozens of prominent speakers and entertainers who will participate in this moving event. He writes:

"Many of our most energized LGBT activists are too young to remember the devastating impact AIDS has had on the gay community. We must re-engage the larger LGBT community in AIDS activism,” said Charles King, President and CEO of Housing Works, which is the fiscal sponsor of the rally and vigil. “Ending the HIV pandemic is an issue of justice that must be their fight as well.”

Speakers and entertainers at the rally will include singer/actress Sherri Lewis, former Mis s America Kate Shindle, members of the Diva League and Inner Light Ministries Choir, Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, San Francisco Human Rights Commission Chairperson Cecilia Chung, Shawn Decker’s Synthetic Division, poet Brandon Plain, gospel rap artist Desencé, singer/songwriter Dudley Sanders, POZ Magazine founder Sean Strub, Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson and Bishop Rainey Cheeks. Many of the speakers and performers are people living with HIV.