Sep 18 2009

National equality march In an unprecedented and historic call, Student Body Presidents from Universities and Colleges all over America urged their students to participate in the National Equality March on October 11 in Washington, DC. In addition, they urge their students to take part in a "Student Day of Action" on September 22nd where students will hand out flyers on campus urging them to board the buses to Washington, DC.

National equality march Student Body Presidents from such universities as UCLA, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Texas, Tulane, Minnesota, Michigan, USC, Maryland, Texas Tech Vermont, Chicago, Iowa, Georgetown, Loyola and dozens of others joined in this historic call to support full equality for LGBT Americans! Also the President of the United States Student Association, Gregory Cendana, joined in signing the statement. In their Call To Action, in large part organized by talented student organizer David Valk, over 100 student leaders said:

"The United States must end its system of Apartheid that continues to discriminate against LGBTQ Americans, denying equal opportunity to serve one’s country, denying the equal right to marry, and denying equal access to over 1,000 rights, benefits and protections granted to all American citizens.

As student leaders we refuse to remain silent in the face of what we know is the greatest civil rights movement of our generation. We must speak out and be among those who express outrage at the hatred and discrimination that is inflicted upon our fellow citizens. To remain silent is to endorse hatred. So we add our voices to the increasing millions who demand justice, freedom, and equality for America's LGBTQ citizens.

We urge all students to converge on Washington D.C. on October 10th & 11th for the National Equality March. We urge our students, no matter their sexual orientation, to organize buses, planes and trains, so we may express our unity and unwavering commitment to freedom and equality. Now is the time to speak out against this outrage and now is the time to march side by side in a powerful show of force in the struggle for freedom."

Join them in Washington, DC on October 11th!