Sep 18 2009

Beck As the modern day version of Red-baiter Senator Joe McCarthy, pundit Glenn Beck continues his total craziness on his television show, alarmingly becoming some sort of 'hero' to those who live in fear. We all have reason to worry about the effects of his violent and out of control rhetoric. His words carry as much power at times as any gun. While he may know better, some of those who believe in him might not have the ability to sort through the complexities of our time. His words have incited angry, hateful and out of control rage in the heartland. One only has to look at the signs at these rallies, town meetings and marches and wonder how far this will go before it is too late to stop real physical violence from occurring. Responsible people must speak up, media outlets must be held accountable and civility must be returned to our politics.

While the following clip has received already a lot of play, it can't be viewed enough. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speaks from the heart about how she witnessed the consequences of such verbiage in San Francisco in an apparent reference to the assassination of Harvey Milk and George Moscone.

Please take a minute to view for the first time or even again. Speak up against hate and anger.