Oct 23 2009

If the "Not One Penny More..."campaign ever needed a poster child, it would be Bill Owens' campaign. Democrat Owens is running in the special election to fill New York's 23rd Congressional District seat. He is no friend of the LGBT community.

-New_York_District_23_109th_US_Congress Owens is vehemently against marriage equality. Without a doubt, he is as close to a Blue Dog Democrat as you can find. Nevertheless, my mailbox is getting emails from the DCCC and the DNC to support this campaign. The president made a trip up to New York City to support his candidacy. Doesn't matter that the election of Owens will only make the repeal of DADT and DOMA even more difficult in our civil rights struggle.

Here is the clincher:

The Republican candidate is Assemblywomen Dede Scozzafava who has voted twice for marriage equality in the New York Assembly. She strongly supports full marriage equality and is pro-choice. The vote is being used in the campaign against her. In this conservative district, she has already shown her courage. She deserves our support.

Bill Owen, the Democrat against marriage equality, is the perfect candidate for us to say "NOT ONE PENNY MORE.....". When you get those invites from the DNC, the DCCC asking you to support the Owens campaign, just write on them, "Not one penny more...." and send them back.