Oct 14 2009

Jack Price On Monday night, I had the pleasure of witnessing the premiere of "Laramie Project: Ten Years Later." As the audience sat witnessing the confusion and apathy of rural citizens in Wyoming, I couldn't help but wonder how many of them knew at that very moment across town Jack Price was fighting for his life from a savage beating. Did the very audience making judgement on rural country folks have the outrage and anger that they expected from the wild west? My guess is some but most were totally unaware of what was taking place right in their own town.

Jack Price, 49, simply went out of his home in Queens, New York to buy cigarettes at a local market. Most likely he hoped to be back before his favorite television show came back on from a commercial break. When he stepped out of home into his neighborhood, the last thing on his mind that within minutes he would be fighting for his life simply because he was gay.

Unlike most other hate crimes where we get a name, a date, a brief description and a photograph of the face of the victim, this one was captured for all to see on video tape. One's heart stops as we witness the plummeting of this slim unassuming gay man. His only crime? He was gay. Can't help but wonder if New York will rise in outrage? Most likely not because as we have tragically learned, he is just another name on the rapidly increasing list of brutal beatings, killings and terrorizing of the LGBT community around the country.

You morally must watch this tape and know that this is not an isolated incident.