Dec 30 2009

Rahm -Where in the world was Rahm Emanuel? Seems as everyone crowded into Washington right up to Christmas Eve for the healthcare showdown, the White House Chief of Staff decided to take a long holiday vacation in the middle of the Senate debate. Last sighting had him in India. Wasn't his strength supposed to be overseeing just these types of Congressional battles?

-The New Year gets off to a good start with perhaps the most historic trial ever for the LGBT community. There is no question that the names David Boies and Ted Olson will become icons in our history. Who wouldn't want a front row seat at the opening day? Just to see this unlikely pair fight together for our freedom will be an unforgettable moment.

-Not very good form for our President to be playing golf in Hawaii with a nation full of holiday travelers riveted to the Northwest Airlines Terror flight. Mr. President, acting like you are in command is as important as being in command. It took Obama three days to publicly respond to the incident, and although that is measurably better than George W. Bush's six days to respond to shoe-bomber Richard Reed, who wants to be measured against arguably the worst President in United States history?

-Here is another blow for those who preach for the sanctity of marriage: Karl Rove just ended his second marriage. And these people can lecture to us about marriage?

-Eight more Americans died in Afghanistan this holiday season. There is no question in my mind that this is just a sample of what we are in for next year. Here is hoping that Governor Dean or someone becomes the voice of peace in this horrible situation.

-No more suspense on super delegates in the Democratic Party? Chris Cillizza in "The Fix" reports that the Democratic Change Commission is going to recommend that the delegates must vote according to the people's wishes. Now there is a novel idea!

-Here is a cheery thought: Rasmussen Reports says that 79% of Americans expect a terrorist attack within the next year.

-Speaking of polls, Quinnipiac found that only 47% of Americans approval of Obama's policy in Afghanistan. reports that you can buy your kid a milk glass for $1,500. Seems as if the tumbler has rubies and diamonds touched by gold. Anyone who has the money to spend in this unconscionable this way should be sentenced to work with the poor one week a year. This has to get the Marie Antoinette Award for this year. Teach your kids greed early!

-Want a really good read that takes place in San Francisco? Be sure to pick up R.J. Spjut's "Persephone's Agent". Amazon even has it on Kindle now.

-If you believe the film critics, the three top contenders for the "Best Picture" Academy Award this year are "Avatar", "Hurt Locker" and "Up in the Air". If you haven't seen "Hurt Locker" it is a must see before the Oscars voting begins.

-I owe deep thanks to my team here on This site simply would not exist without their efforts and support. Rhys Gerholdt, Dennis Bailey and Jim Baker are not only helpful, they are extraordinary human beings. I thank them all so much for their invaluable contributions.