Jan 12 2010

Ford 1 Well, we knew it would only take a couple of days before Harold Ford shouted to the skies "Praise Jesus, I am for gay marriage." After all, he is running in New York for United States Senate and not Tennessee. His proclamation on the Today Show that he now supports marriage equality was the least shocking news of the week. Now with that one sweeping statement, the LGBT community is expected to run to him, embrace him and put down the welcome mat.

My personal belief always has been that we should welcome converts to our cause with open arms. After all, isn't that what a movement supposed to be about: changing minds? One should never have to feel unwelcome in our community. For someone to open a previously closed mind can be a wonderful thing.

Yet there are limits to this proposition - sincerity and a proven commitment besides personal ambition certainly would be needed. Second, I vowed years ago that anyone that would vote to put us in the Constitution of the United States as second class citizens should never ever receive our vote. Without a doubt, such a vote would show such a lack of understanding of basic human rights, the Constitution of the United States and our struggle for freedom.  A person with such a lack of moral integrity and decency who would consider voting for such an amendment should never hold office.

Harold Ford voted twice while in the Congress of the United States to put us in the Constitution as second class citizens. Not once did he vote to do it, but twice.

Let me be clear: This is not deciding to change one's vote on DOMA or DADT. He voted to make us a separate class of people in the Constitution of the United States. Let me be equally clear to our liberal friends in New York, to the Democratic Party in New York and to my LGBT brothers and sisters: I don't give a damn who the Republican nominee will be in 2010 but if Harold Ford is the nominee of the Democratic Party, don't you dare come and ask for my support. I will never, ever vote for that man.