Jan 19 2010

180px-ObamaAbingtonPA Isn't it about time that President Obama find a way to help us instead of sitting quietly while his words are used against us time and time again? Not being for marriage equality is hard enough for us to stomach but now to remain totally silent while is words "marriage is between a man and a woman" have been used against us everywhere. Is he really content to allow his words to be used against us in elected bodies, in the courtroom and on the ballot? Doesn't such systematic use of his quote demand that he stand up by our side?

His silence is killing us.

The latest to use in full force his words against marriage equality are the lawyers fighting the Olson/Bois case before the Federal Courts. Here is an excerpt from the SFGate.com:

"A witness at the trial of the California initiative banning same-sex marriage was testifying that such measures reflect moral disapproval of gays and lesbians when a lawyer for Proposition 8's sponsors confronted him with the words of Barack Obama.

Marriage, the future president declared in writings and campaign appearances, is for a man and a woman.

"Is it possible for someone to have the position that he advocates and not morally disapprove of gays and lesbians?" asked attorney David Thompson.

Yes, replied George Chauncey, a Yale University historian, although he maintained that Obama clearly believed same-sex relationships to be inferior to opposite-sex unions".

But this is not the first time Obama's words have been used against us. They were used by the evil forces pushing Proposition 8. They were used against us in Maine while the President remained totally silent doing the election. They were used against us in New York and New Jersey doing the debates on marriage equality. How much longer is Obama going to remain silent while the bigots use his own words against our struggle for freedom?

The President's silence is now hurting us and hurting us often. He can either chose to make clear that these advocates of oppression do not express his personal views or he can continue his silence which in essence at this stage endorsing the forces opposed to the struggle for LGBT freedom