Jan 6 2010

Just received the Fall issue of the Dutch magazine Winq which is distributed internationally. They picked the twenty most powerful gay men in the world. Despite being included myself, I thought the list was interesting and wanted to share it with you. In no particular order and with a quote or two from the article:

Perez Hilton: Columnist. "Whichever way you look at him, the one-time fat kid from Miami is having more than his fifteen minutes!"

Lord Mandelson Peter Mandelson: Government (photograph). Currently Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform in Prime Minister's Brown Cabinet. "The "Independent" newspaper called 'not only the most powerful gay man in Britain, but arguably the most powerful individual in the country"

Brian Graden: President of MTV "Graden, president of programming at MTV and VHI is a man with the mindset of a teenager and the person who has helped shape pop culture on television like no other."

Brian Sewell: Cultural Critic. "No one divides popular opinion more than Brian Sewell. There are those that revel in his verbose reviews and haughty tone.....and then there are those who wish the ground would open up and swallow his pompous anachronisms wholesale."

Jop Van Beenekom and Gert Jonkers: Publishers. "This Dutch duo produces two of the world's most influential magazines: Butt and Fantastic Man, each in their own way revolutionary examples of how to push the publishing envelope.

Gus Van Sant: Director "Can there be a gay man out there who didn't shed a tear during Van Sant's gloriously profound 1990 opus, My Own Private Idaho? "

Tom Ford: Fashion and Director: (photograph) "Handsome, louche and disgustingly rich, Tom Ford represents the Tom-ford-picture-1 pinnacle of achievement in high fashion."

Dustin Lance Black: Screenwriter. "Any gay man who has yet to see Milk is denying themselves an integral part of their own history."

Andre Leon Tally: Editor. "Even by the extravagant standards of fashion, Andre Leon Tally, editor at a large of US Vogue, is a character not easily forgotten."

John Amaechi: Former NBA Player. ""As a motivational speaker and ardent supporter of equality, people take notice of this well-spoken and physically imposing man."

David Mixner: Writer/Politics. "One of the most articulate and outspoken gay rights activists in America, David Mixner has always something to say." (Blush)

Stephen Fry: Entertainment. "Is there anything Stephen Fry can't do? A true renaissance man, this 51 year old British institution seems able to turn his hand to almost anything and has variously excelled at comedy, acting, directing writing presenting and simply being himself."

Ben Summerskill: Activist. "As the Chief Executive of Stonewall, Europe's largest gay lobbying group, 48 year old Summerskill has helped implement some major changes in his time."

Johann Hari: Journalist. "Perhaps the most notable thing about Johann Hari, if you discount the numerous press awards, the quality of his writing or his ongoing foreign assignments, is the fact that he's still only 30 years of age."

.Henry Badenhorst: CEO. "What did we do before Gaydar? Such a simple idea, yet no one had thought about creating a dedicated gay networking site until South African Badenhorst and his deceased partner Gary Frisch founded the company in 1999."

Jann Jann Wenner: Media Tycoon.(photograph) "Wenner may only have come out in 1995 (after marriage and six children), yet that doesn't stop him being one of America's richest and most influential gay men."

Marc Jacobs: Fashion. "Marc Jacobs is fashion royalty, and not without good reason."

Lord Waheed Alli: Media/Politics. "On top of all this, he is stridently political and was made a life peer at the age of 34 by Tony Blair who used him constantly as a way to reach out to the younger generation. Alli is one of the very few openly gay Muslim figures in public life and has used his influence to constantly fight for gay rights.

Peter Tatchell: International Gay Activist. "In case it isn't common knowledge, it really needs to be said: Peter Tatchell is a breathtakingly brave man."

Andrew Sullivan: Blogger/ Intellectual. "Andrew Sullivan is somewhat of a dichotomy. Gay but a devout Roman Catholic, British but based in Washington, DC, his online journalism concentrates on US political life on which he is something of an authority."