Feb 17 2010

-The Congressional LGBT caucus looks like it could receive another member in this year's election. Openly gay mayor of Providence, David Cicilline, is running for the seat currently held by retiring Congressman Patrick Kennedy. Anyone who has been to Providence, Rhode Island recently knows what an amazing job he has done for the citizens of the city. Cicilline's first fundraiser in New York City will be tomorrow night (February 18th) at Savant ("Now You can NYC Experience Center") located 88 Prince Street on the 3rd Floor. Just email emily@campaignfinances.com for further information.

Protest -Queer Rising had a successful demonstration at the New York City Marriage Bureau last Friday with four arrests. It is just another indicator that slowly but surely a civil rights movement is growing for the LGBT community. My deep respect and admiration for the four people arrested who are Alan Bounville, Jake Goodman, Justin Elzie and Gabriel Yuri. They deserve high praise. (Photo by Jamie McGonnigal via Rex Wockner).

-Former NBA basketball player John Amaechi, has a great piece on his blog "Dear John...". Everyone should read "The Truth: Homophobia Hurts Straight People Too." As always, John is insightful and a must read.

-And the actions just continue to grow in our struggle for civil rights. Even in remote central Pennsylvania, the newly formed Justice League held an action at the Bellefonte, Pennsylvania marriage bureau.  Check out their photographs by clicking here.

-Christina Reitz-Krueger is a Doctoral student doing a major marriage survey at the University of Virginia. She is looking for volunteers to participate in this important study. " The study consists of a 25-30 minute online survey. To qualify for the study, you must be 20-35 years old, live in the U.S., and plan to marry or have a commitment ceremony within the next 365 days. You and your romantic partner must not have children, and this must be the first marriage for both of you." You can contact Christina at survey.couples@gmail.com .

-California Attorney General Jerry Brown has some not good news. For weeks, the Attorney General has been leading in the double digits his possible Republican opposition in the race for governor. Now the new Rasmussen Reports poll has Brown in a dead heat with GOP Meg "Yes On 8" Whitman.

-Senator Evan Bayh's stunning announcement to not seek re-election to continue to represent the people of Indiana almost guarantees we lose a Democratic seat from that slightly conservative state. If you put that with Democratic Senators who are facing tough fights in Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware and North Dakota, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Illinois, those who thought we had all the time in the world for key issues might be in for a big surprise come November.

-With the recently announced retirement of Congressman Patrick Kennedy, for the first time in 60 years Washington faces a Congress that doesn't include a Kennedy. David Catanese of Politico.com does a first rate article, "More Kennedy's On Deck", on all the possible Kennedy's who could still run for office. The list is amazingly long.

-While Democrats become increasingly worried about the United States Senate in the 2010 elections, political genius Nate Silver reminds us that Republicans can lose seats too. He puts the states of Ohio, Missouri, New Hampshire, Kentucky and possibly Arizona (yes, that would be John McCain) in play for the Democrats.

-Enjoy your next meal in the state of Virginia because it could be your last. The Virginia State Senate just voted to allow anyone to carry a gun into restaurants. Get ready for some old Wyatt Earp saloon shoot outs if someone doesn't like their meal.

-For some reason, New York City Stonewall Club thought it would be useful to invite possible New York Senate candidate Harold Ford to their meeting. They shouldn't be shocked if there is a storm of protest. Sometimes, we don't have to bend over in order to prove we are open minded. What were they thinking?

-Cyd Zeigler, Jr. gets another college sport 'coming out' exclusive for Outsports.com In his articleAndrew_mcintosh_split Oneonta State University lacrosse player Andrew McIntosh (photograph) joins the increasing number of college jocks coming out. Once again, the team was extremely supportive. What a different world from when I was in college decades ago!

-Reader Dan Duttinger reports he just received an email from the Democratic National Committee asking him to rank the top 14 issues and LGBT issues were totally missing. Just another reason not to give to the Democratic National Committee.

-Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey gave one great speech at the Creating Change Conference. It is worth the read. Just click here.

-Architizer.com continues to give us a dramatic looks into the future of architecture. This project by Steven Holl Architects would serve as LM Harbor Gateway in Copenhagen. Not exactly the Stature of Liberty but bold and dramatic!

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