Feb 25 2010

Combat  Clearly President Obama is not going to issue a 'stop loss' order and take the lead in ending the horrific discrimination against LGBT citizens in the United States Armed Forces. Given that we are currently fighting two wars and stop loss orders have already been given to people who have committed felonies, we apparently are not a priority for the President in this sense. While it's disappointing that the President will not 'take the bull by the horns' and have the courage to issue a 'stop loss ' order, now is not the time to pause.

We must repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" this Spring or we run the risk of not just a year but possibly a significant long-term delay. Quite honestly, I don't give a damn how they repeal this policy. There are a number of choices such as getting Senator Joe Lieberman to submit his bill in the United States Senate with Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-Pa) acting as point person in the House. Or we can attach an amendment to the Defense Authorization Legislation and move it through Congress.

There are a number of options but all of them require the Democratic leadership to commit to the repeal of this apartheid-type law now. If we allow the military leaders to dictate a year study we could be facing a Republican controlled Congress after this year's elections. No matter what the study says at the end, do you really believe that DADT will be repealed by a Republican controlled Congress? The military leaders know that this issue will go away if they can just out wait the elections.

There is nothing to study. What do they need to 'prepare the troops' for? Are they going to conduct classes with them on how to spot a homosexual in a shower? Let me tell you how the troops will overwhelmingly respond if this is repealed: A gay or lesbian soldier might come out to his/her unit and the unit will look back at them doing combat and say, "Hey man, glad for you but could care less. What I care about is do you have my back in combat?" That is what they care about..........getting home safely.