May 24 2010

Mississippi Led and cheered on by fearless Robin McGehee, Get Equal took its organizing skills and passion to the state of Mississippi this weekend. Forming coalition with Unity Mississippi, the national organization has started taking the battle to challenging areas. Over sixty activists took part in a rally in Jackson, the state capital and then proceeded by caravan to the small town of Fulton. The town of near 4,000 is in northeast Mississippi in Itawamba county which is the home county of Constance McMillen.

The action was stimulated by a protest lead by despicable Fred "God Hates Gays" Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. The Get Equal protesters out-numbered Phelps by almost ten to one! They were joined by Constance (see photograph). For McGehee this was an emotional pilgrimage as an open lesbian back to her home state. She is from Jackson, Mississippi.

McGeHee said,

"The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Mississippi has had to live with the dark stain of inequality for far too long and as their neighbor, mother, father, and fellow parishioner, it is the duty of all Mississippians to honor our country's founding principles of equality and freedom for all,"

She continued:

"It's an honor for me to come back to my home state and join hands with my brothers and sisters in the Mississippi LGBT community and claim our God given right to a life free of discrimination and fear. The stain of equality has for too long tarnished the image of our great state and now is our opportunity to wash it away -- for good."