May 28 2010

Mount_Vernon%2C_by_Francis_Jukes  Going back to our first president George Washington - just how wealthy would all the presidents be in 2010 dollars? Factoring in land holding, investments, inheritance and other factors, has arrived at some very interesting estimates. Some of our presidents were loaded and others declared bankruptcy. You should view the entire fascinating list but here are some interesting tidbits!

-Our Founding Father President George Washington was worth a cool half a billion dollars. No wonder Mt. Vernon (photograph) is such a beautiful place.

-"All Men Are Created Equal" President Thomas Jefferson wasn't quite equal himself. The third President was worth a quarter of billion dollars.

-You think of President Andrew Jackson as this great populist frontiersmen/soldier from Tennessee. Most visualize Jackson coming from a log cabin. The great populist was worth $119 million. You can get a lot of Davy Crockett coonskin hats for that money!

-The Depression must have affected the inherited wealth of the Roosevelts. President Teddy Roosevelt was worth $125 million while poor Franklin and Eleanor had to get by on just $60 million.

-No wonder Herbert Hoover could not understand the Depression. He had a cool $75 million from a mining fortune.

-Edith Wilson who was rumored to have run the nation while her husband President Woodrow Wilson was ill, had to manage everything with less than one million.

-While the finances of JFK were blended into the fortunes of his father Joseph Kennedy, he might have been our richest president and the only one to break a billion dollars.

-There is one President where the wife was really responsible for making a huge amount of money. Lady Bird Johnson is credited with the brains behind creating almost a $100 million dollars.

-Now here is an interesting one: President Clinton ($38 million) is now worth more than either President George H.Bush ($23 million). or President George W. Bush ($20 million). No more "Man from Hope" for Clinton!

- Our current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, President Obama is now up to $5 million thanks especially to some great books. His earning potential once he leaves the Presidency is endless.