Jul 27 2010

-Simon Hughes, the Liberal Deputy Leader in the new ConDem government in Britain, says that the new government will indeed take a step up for marriage equality. Britain has a form of civil unions currently but according to the Telegraph, this will be soon changed to 'civil marriage' granting full marriage equality. Let's hope they follow through on this promise.

-Think the hurricane season is off to a slow start and all the forecasts for a tough season are wrong? Just think back to 2004 when the first storm didn't appear until the first of August and the season ended up with fourteen storms! That was the tough year for Florida when Charley, Frances, Jeanne and Ivan all hit the Sunshine State.

Susan_boyle_christmas-_eve_ld_dppa10 -Well, the 'July in Christmas' sales are beginning and the talk in the music industry is about what they think could possibly be a huge seller over the holidays. It is reported that Ms. Susan Boyle is recording a traditional holiday album and if she does, it is expected to sell millions. Who wouldn't want to hear her sing "Silent Night"?

-Thanks to JoeMyGod for pointing us to the speech by Rodney Glassman at Netroots Nation. The former Tucson City Councilman who is running against Senator John McCain was giving a speech about all his wonderful liberal credentials to the bloggers. Some one shouted out for him to address marriage equality. What was surprising was not that he ducked the question (which he did) but the organizers got upset and acted like the question was equivalent to someone pissing at a garden party.

-Less than 100 days until the elections and the polls are pouring out. In Wisconsin, the Magellan Poll shows marriage equality champion Senator Russ Feingold in a tough race with conservative Republican Ron Johnson. The Democratic senator and longtime LGBT supporter only has a two point lead.

-What might save a lot of Democrats this year is the infighting in the Republican party between the right and the extreme right. In Florida, Democrat Alex Sink running for governor has pulled ahead of both Republican candidates who are locked in a tough primary battle.

-Speaking of Florida, it is amazing what a little oil on your shores can do to deeply held beliefs. Florida citizens have always supported off-shore drilling but given the recent BP spill, Public Policy polling has found they now oppose it by a margin of 51% to 39%.

-This is the week for Florida news! Democratic Congressman Ken Meeks is now leading businessman Jeff Green by only 3% with many still undecided. Meeks has been considered a shoo-in for the nomination.

-TheDenver Post reports this morning that the Republicans are split for governor in Colorado. Right winger former congressman and acknowledged whack-job Tom Tancredo is now running as a candidate for the American Constitution Party and will split the Republican vote. This is a great boost to the campaign of Democratic Denver Mayor Hickenlooper. Can some one win with a name like Hickenlooper? Let's hope so.

-Also love this item from the Denver Post! Tea Party endorsed Republican candidate Ken Buck who is seeking the nomination for United States Senate got caught off guard and let his Tea Party endorsers have it with both barrels! He was quoted as saying, "Will you tell those dumbasses at the Tea Party to stop asking questions about birth certificates while I'm on the camera?"

-Governor Rick Perry of Texas is a huge fan of capitalism and it is understandable. According to the Dallas Morning News, apparently the right wing governor is a genius when it comes to land deals! Seems like on the shores of Lake Lyndon Johnson in the Texas Hill Country, the good governor purchased a lot for under $150,000 its value. Then with his sheer 'real estate genius' sold the parcel to a major donor for $1.15 million! Nice little profit there Guv...

Moulin-Rouge-Casino-Las-Vegas -The historic Moulin Rouge Tower is being torn down in Las Vegas. This is more than just an old casino being torn down to make room for a new Vegas hot spot. This historic landmark, according to an MSNBC report, was the first casino to integrate on the Strip and feature such performers as Sammy Davis, Jr. and Nat King Cole.

-Magellan Polling shows that Arkansas Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln is behind Republican challenger John Boozman by an astounding 30%. Also the people of that good state oppose the Kagan nomination to the United States Supreme Court by 54% to 28%. Now get this one, the polled citizens think the Roberts Court is too liberal!

-The Chicago Tribune has yet another story questioning Republican candidate Mark Kirk's versions of his life story. This one deals with a childhood incident which he based his decision to go into the service. The revelation follows a trail of distortions he has made about his background.

-Keeping up the Illinois aspect, Kirk's Democratic opponent Alexi Giannoulias is having a fundraiser tonight in New York City. If you can support the Senator at this last minute just call Jennifer Bloom at 202-546-0474. Alexi is for full marriage equality and if you can't make this evening please make a contribution by clicking here.

-You are never too old! Politico has the story of former West Virginia Secretary of State Ken Hechler who has decided to challenge Democratic Governor Manchin for the nomination for the open seat of deceased Senator Robert Bryd. Here is the interesting point: Hechler is 95 years old and three years older than Bryd when he recently passed away.

-According to TIME Magazine, China will be spending over the next ten years $738 billion for clean environmental safe energy. Add that to the extensive network of high speed rail lines and you have to be impressed with their progress. But then, they haven't been fighting wars for the last ten years.

-There are some amazing photographs by photographer Scott Linstead of wildlife in his 'frozen in time' series. The Guardian has put a group of them together in a slide show and it is a must see. Here are two of them to tease you to go to the site to see more!

Frozen in time

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