Aug 30 2010

300x140_08301534_earleastcoasteffects All week long forecasters have been struggling with Cat 3 Hurricane Earl. First it was supposed to turn and be a threat to Bermuda. Then they said it would stay well off the East Coast between the United States and Bermuda. Even this morning, every computer model had the hurricane turning out to sea. Now things are starting to change.

Hurricane expert Joe Bastardi (who has been warning us all week) says the storm will likely come within a hundred miles of the East Coast. Since the storm is huge and on its way to be a Cat 4, hurricane force winds can be expected on the Outer Banks and Cape Cod. Tropical storm winds and rains could be felt on Long Island and even in New York City. In fact, one computer model now has the Hurricane going right over the Cape Cod Canal as a Cat 2. If Bastardi is just 100 miles off to the East then New Jersey and New York City could be impacted. This hurricane could be a very close call.

What is very clear is that the East Coast should now be seriously concerned about the track of this unpredictable hurricane. Earl has grown into a monster both in winds and size. Any impacts along the East Coast will be felt Thursday or Friday.