Nov 8 2010

Alan Bounnville Alan Bounville is one of those citizens who eats, sleeps and fights for LGBT rights every waking moment of his life. Passionate and sometimes strident in his politics, he trusts no politician and practices a hard line on legislative issues. He personally has targeted the New York delegation to Congress by conducting a fast outside of the office of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The senator is one of the stronger supporters of the LGBT community in the Senate which is a proposition that Bounville soundly rejects.

The fast is to force Gillibrand and other members of the New York Congressional delegation to sponsor the American Equality Bill (AEB) which in essence would simply add the LGBT community to the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. Bounville is coming close to one week of fasting and promises to continue his actions until progress is made with his agenda. The effort originally started as a vigil outside Gillibrand's office and now has escalated to the current 'fast'.  While not always in agreement such passion always generates real respect from me.