Nov 5 2010

Baez and dylan In 1959, the Newport Folk Festival was founded with a board that included Pete Seeger, Oscar Brand and Theodore Bikel. The timing was perfect since it was the beginning of the age of John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. The Festival was given credit with the sweeping and popular revival of folk music in the early 1960's. The more we questioned authority back then the more our troubadours emerged to give our voice music.

The 1963 Newport Folk Festival was the most famous with Odetta, Pete Seeger and the youngsters - Bob Dylan and Joan Baez (photograph). Worshops were given on non-violence and civil disobiedenece. Traditional American dance such as clogging was embraced by the young. Others like Johnny Cash, Bob Gibson, Judy Collins and Peter, Paul and Mary made the festival their birthplace.

In an interesting way, it was the original Woodstock. In the three videos below you will see Bob Dylan in his first years, clogging and an amazing finale of Pete Seegar, Peter, Paul and Mary, Odetta, Joan Baez and the Freedom Singers singing "Down By The Riverside" in extremely rare footage.