Nov 5 2010

Stryker Primate Jon Stryker is mostly known in the LGBT community for his extreme generosity in gifts to fight for LGBT liberation. Through the years his Arcus Foundation has been in the forefront for the battle for our rights. What most don't know is that Jon is one of the world's leading champions in an effort to protect primates. Since the foundation began it has contributed over thirty million dollars to help save them. Having visited with him over the years we rarely discuss LGBT issues but can't stop talking about our mutual love for wildlife.

In recognition for his work to protect primates, a group who discovered a new species of monkey has named the magnificent new creature after Stryker. The scientific name for the newly discovered species is Rhinopithecus strykeri. They are located in the wilds of Myanmar where approximately 330 of these primates still live. They are so rare they have never been photographed and we only have an artist rendering (see above).

Once again we see a member of our community give back so much to the world. The entire LGBT community is so proud of Jon and congratulate him on this extraordinary and deserved honor.