Nov 18 2010

Mike-huckabee-no-suit Sarah Palin and more Sarah Palin is all you here about in the national media. The odds are if you turn on a television set somewhere you will find Sarah Palin. She is giving tours of Alaska, her daughter is on 'Dancing with the Stars', she is giving messages from God on Christian talk shows and always on the evening news. The reality is that her polling numbers are disastrous and her every move is watched which will lead to the inevitable misstep. Don't forget that most of her candidates lost in this past election and in fact most likely cost Republican United States Senate seats in Colorado, Nevada and Delaware.

While Sarah Palin is good fodder for any media outlet, she is not going to be the real problem for the LGBT community. My guess is that she will become so 'toxic' to established Republicans they will look for someone with her views but personable, calm and without the heat she generates. There is currently only person that meets that criteria and that is Mike Huckabee the former Governor of Arkansas. Don't forget he won primaries against Senator John McCain and is currently leading in a large number of individual state polls.

You think Sarah is bad on LGBT issues? Listen to where the former Governor comes down on our issues. After you read it, the feeling you are experiencing is the chill of fear running down your spine. Here is where the personal ex-governor, Fox news commentator and oh yes, Baptist minister stands on our issues:

-he is 100% supportive of putting a ban on marriage equality in the United States Constitution

-he is 100% supportive of a ban on all LGBT adoptions and for LGBT folks to be foster parents.

-he supports 100% a ban on LGBT citizens in the military.

-he was against passage of the Hate Crimes legislation.

-he is opposed to the passage of ENDA

-he is absolutely opposed to civil unions

-he described LGBT relationships as having the "ick factor"

- he directly compared marriage equality and civil unions to drug users, incest, etc.

-says being pro-gay is being "pro-sodomy.

-has compared homosexuality to being like necrophilia

-believes civilization might fall if marriage equality takes place.

-he makes repeated personal appearances as a 'pastor' and Republican at some of the most extreme anti-LGBT groups in America.

-he eats all the time at Olive Garden in New York while doing Fox News. (had to lighten this all up!)

This man is a charmer like Reagan but he is more dangerous than Palin or Gingrich. We should not be diverted from this Good Ol' Boy simply because Sarah is showing us some grizzlies. She is a lightweight. Huckabee is the real bear.