Dec 21 2010

Thomas-roberts -It is official! MSNBC has announced that Thomas Roberts (photograph) has been signed by the network as an anchor. The talented and charismatic journalist is openly gay. Over the last months he has been on MSNBC including filling in for Keith Olbermann. We all are proud of you, Thomas!

-"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal will be signed in Washington early Wednesday morning by President Obama. It is clearly the beginning of the end of this oppressive and horrible policy. What a moment this will be for the LGBT community.

-Remember all the fuss at the beginning of the Obama administration about $700 billion TARP program to save the economy? There was an uproar about the national debt. New figures released show that now the emergency relief effort actually will only cost taxpayers $25 billion. To put that in perspective, that is about half of Bill Gates net worth. has a really good article on "2010: The Year Gay TV Grew Up". It is a good read.

-todd-palin_080936863432 -Seems some of that Palin magic is beginning to become tiresome to the American public. Everywhere you look some member of the family is exploiting their fame for dollars. Taegan Goodard's Political Wire reports that in Anchorage Mama Grizzly was having a book signing for her new book. Over a 1,000 were expected to stand in line and barely a couple of hundred showed up. Maybe Todd Palin  (photograph) shouldn't do "Dancing with the Stars."

-Speaking of "Palin, Inc." it seems that 59% of the good American citizens have "flatly have ruled out" voting for Palin under any circumstances according to the latest ABC News/ Washington Post poll. Can't you hear those conservatives now frantically dialing Mike Huckabee and begging him to run?

-A great online magazine called "The Good Men Project" has picked the ten worst men of the year! Who is number one among Silvio Berlusconi, Tony Hayward (BP) or Mel Gibson? Click here to find out.

-Actor Nicolas Gage has dramatically cut the price of his 27 acre estate in Rhode Island that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It was originally listed for $19 million and can now be picked up for a mere $7.75 million! has photographs of this real estate steal.

-In the "you have got to be kidding me" department, the vote to repeal DADT and for the Dream Act had a missing senator in West Virginia's Joe Manchin (D). Seems he had a family Christmas Party to attend. Meanwhile, Oregon's Senator Ron Wyden (D), who is undergoing surgery for prostate cancer, flew back to make the vote. Kind of tells you everything you need to know about both men, doesn't it?

Nigel 1 -Yet one more leader of in the British Conservative Party has come out of the closet. This time Conservative MP and Deputy Commons Speaker Nigel Evans (photograph) has seem the light of day..

-If a Democrat wants to challenge President Obama in New Hampshire Primary in 2012, I would think again! The latest New Hampshire Journal/ Magellen Poll show Obama beating Secretary of State Clinton by 31 points and beating former DNC Chair Howard Dean by 68 points!

-Which American city gets more snow than anywhere else? has the top ten snowiest cities in America. The winner has an average of near 300 inches of snow a year!

-Always have liked those Canadians! In the latest Angus-Reid Poll a majority (63%) of the good citizens to the North support legalizing euthanasia. Couldn't agree with them more!

-This is the time of the year for lists and gives us another one. They listed the ten most expensive homes for sale this past year. The top of the list is going for a cool $150 million.

-And continuing in the tradition of lists, Evan Wolfson of "Freedom to Marry" gives us the top ten moments for marriage equality in 2010. I loved this list.

-Public Policy Polling says that in the crucial state of Ohio, President Obama is still leading every GOP contender at the moment although they all run very close and Mike Huckabee is just one point behind the President.

-Can't remember when so many Georgians fled since Sherman's March to the Sea. Eight Democrats in the Georgia legislature have announced they are now Republicans according to GPB News.

-Rahm Emanuel, who is still attempting to prove he is a resident of Chicago so he can run for Mayor, has now come out for Marriage Equality. Wonder if that was the same advice he was giving our President?

Signorile -Mike Signorile did a great job on CNN after the historic DADT vote. If you missed it on its first go around, just click here. His audience on radio for Sirus must run well over a million listeners making him one of the largest outlets for LGBT news in the country. Bravo Mike.

-The furor around the censorship of the National Portrait Gallery's gay themed show is growing. Literally hundreds marched on a cold New York day to protest the forced removal of a work by artist David Wojnarowicz. The Andy Warhol Foundation, a regular sponsor at the Smithsonian, has already pulled its funding.

-A Pentagon Health Plan won't cover brain damage that our troops are suffering in combat. Evidently there are all sorts of loop holes in the health plan according to ProPublica Communications. Of course head trauma is one of the leading injuries in the war.

-My favorite photojournalism site,'s "Big Picture" has a great feature with "Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas". Here is an example showing a Christmas Tree in Red Square!

Christmas Card 3