Dec 14 2010

58223439 -Pioneer and legend, Adele Starr died in Los Angeles at the age of 90. I first met Starr when she was one of the main forces behind the creation of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). When her son came out she refused to not stand by his side in 1976. PFLAG exists today because of the work of this passionate and committed woman. She will be missed.

-Did you know that in 17th and 18th century Massachusetts the Puritans outlawed Christmas for 22 years? Wow. Someone needs to tell Bill O'Reilly about this.

-Burundi has a men's movement where the men are known as "Abatangamuco" ('those that shed light') where they work hard to help empower women! This is a very rare occurrence and you can read more about it on

-In a Allstate/National Journal poll, 50% of Americans believe that China is stronger economically than the United States. That is a first.

-"The Politics Blog" on reports that there is a record breaking seven members of the California legislature who are from the LGBT community. Even more amazing of them is Rep. John Perez who is Speaker of the House in the state.

-Male Adult Cheerleaders get significant space in Details magazine. They also have a fun slide show.

-Had to laugh at my friends in Paris who were there doing a snowstorm. Paris had barely 4 inches of snow and the entire metro area came to a grinding halt. God help them if they ever have a real snowstorm!

-In New York City this morning it feels like 6 degrees and there is light snow. Beginning to understand Paris better!

-One of the most interesting sidebars in the DADT debate was the fact that former Senator Sam Nunn from Georgia came out for repeal. For over a decade he was militantly opposed to gays and lesbians in the military.

High-speed-rail21 -The new Republican governors of Ohio and Wisconsin made a short-sighted decision to bring a halt to high speed rail in their states. They turned down hundreds of million of federal dollars. Evidently it made California's day as they reaped $624 million more for their high speed trains from the funds given back by Ohio and Wisconsin.

-While we are at high speed rail, Qatar has set aside $24 billion dollars for high speed rail lines to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for the Olympics in 2022. I will be 76 in 2022....get me my walker..forget the high speed rail line.! LOL

-Close friend and columnist Wayne Besen is going to be writing from Burlington, Vermont. Color me envious. Hope you love it up there, Wayne! -

-The Conservatives are still holding strong in Canada. The latest Angus Reid Poll has them at 38% with the liberals at 26%. Bringing up the rear is National Democratic Party with 18%. has a powerful story about one California high school that has lost eight of its graduates in either the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. The latest was a Marine Sergeant who was killed on December 2nd. What a sad story.

-A Public Policy Poll shows that Mike Huckabee is running even in Mitt Romney's stronghold state of Michigan if the Republican Presidential primary was held today. They both get 22% of the vote.

-Taegan Goddard Political Wire is reporting that established Republicans are starting a campaign to undercut Palin. The theme seems to be from all of them about her quitting in the middle of serving as governor of Alaska in order to make money. 

Coconut caike -People either love or hate coconut. I am such a fan of coconut including the taste and smell. If you are a coconut fan, you must order the Neiman-Marcus Coconut cake for the holidays! It is as close to heaven as you will get! Just click here.

-According to a new record was set at a furniture auction held by Sotheby's. The "Harrison Commode" fetched $5,324.763! Please don't scratch the porcelain in shipping! has a story and slide show featuring 4 decorated homes for Christmas that are out of sight! The Faucher Family of Delaware have one million lights on their home! Can run them as much as $600 plus an hour for the electric bill!

-American Film Institute has released its list of the year's ten best pictures. Was stunned that "The King's Speech" was not in their top ten.

-Destroying books always deeply disturbs me. It conjures up Nazi book burnings. Of all places, Harvard Library had 40 special LGBT books covered in urine. Is no place safe?

-Celebrity Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns is the first candidate to be endorsed by the Victory Fund for the elections taking place in 2011.

-Can't watch James Franco enough in his interviews since he is one of the most fascinating people in the entertainment industry. James Lipton interviews Franco for "Insides Actor's Studio."

-Rwanda has put its files on that nation's horrible genocide on line. You can study them by clicking here.

-If you think your outrage about the Obama compromise on the Bush tax cuts is going to yield changes, I would think again. Apparently Americans support the President in his position. The Washington Post/ ABC News Poll found that close to 70% of liberal Democrats support the agreement between Republicans and the President.

The Opera Company of Philadelphia is part of a program of "1000 Random Acts of Culture" to be performed all over the city. I just love music going out everywhere to the people. Here they are in Macy's in center city Philly.