Feb 8 2011




-Since the early 1980's over 300 of my friends have died of HIV/AIDS. With all my heart, I believe if President Reagan had acted proactively many of them would be living with HIV/AIDS today. The stories are endless of his White House's neglect. Just take a look at the above and understand what those of us around then had to battle. Not a big fan of all the 'wonderful' revisionism' taking place around President Reagan. (Thanks to JoeMyGod for bringing to light this transcript).

Britain-northern-ireland-queen-elizabeth-2009-5-6-13-51-48 -Britain's Queen Elizabeth II will officially visit Ireland in May. She will be the first British monarch to step on Irish soil since George V exactly 100 years ago. This will be a busy year for her majesty heading to the Emerald Isle shortly after 'the wedding.'

-And speaking of monarchs, the film "The King's Speech" was the overwhelming favorite of the readers of this blog. Taking near 50% of the votes cast in our poll. "The Kids Are Alright" placed a distinct second with just over 10%. Be sure to vote for "Best Actor" in this week's poll.

-What is it about Republicans and the LGBT community? Almost as soon as they take power their priority becomes to undo all the progress made by the LGBT community. In New Hampshire and Iowa they are spending an inordinate amount of time attempting to repeal marriage equality. Now that they have control of the legislature and the governor's office in Indiana they want to propose a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality. Get a life, Republicans and get your citizens jobs!

-LGBT legend, activist and author Torie Osborn has decided to seek a seat in the California Assembly. A blue ribbon committee, including Judith Light, Urvashi Vaid, Kate Clinton, Sean Straub, and myself will be hosting an event on March 23rd to support her race. Space is limited so get your tickets now by clicking here.

R-DREW-BREES-POLITICS-large570 -Handsome and intelligent New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees is considering a run for office. He has been heavily involved in rebuilding that storm damaged city and is extremely popular in Louisiana. While his party is unknown there is some indication that he is a Democrat!

In an excellent article in The Advocate, "Rewriting History" by Michelangelo Signorile, he says it is crucial not to rewrite the history of the passage of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". Failure to be honest about how we really won will cost us valuable knowledge for future battles. This is a must read.

-Bravo to Reverend Elder Nancy L. Wilson who is the global leader for the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) for her appointment by the President to his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. No one deserves it more!

-Congresswoman Jane Harmon (D-California) is leaving Congress to take a position with the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC. She has been a longtime and powerful friend to the LGBT community. She almost single-handily removed the ban on HIV people serving in our nation's armed forces. Good luck, Jane.

-Deadline Hollywood is reporting that right winger Glenn Beck's ratings are taking a nose dive over the last year. He took a 48% drop in the 25 to 54 age bracket. He does wear 'thin' doesn't he?

-Now this is interesting: President Obama could carry South Carolina over either Grizzly Bear Sarah Palin and multi-married Newt Gingrich. The Public Policy poll shows Huckabee and Romney leading the President.

-Speaking of Newt, Taegan Goodard's Political Wire is reporting that he has raised over $14.5 million in 2010 compared to his nearest rival, Mitt Romney, who has raised only $6.3 million. Gingrich has never met a special interest that he didn't love all the way to the bank.

Img58 - A new LGBT Hall of Fame is being created in the Castro District of San Francico. According to ebar.com, among the first inductees will be Keith Haring, Jane Adams, James Baldwin (photograph) and Harry Hay. Now you will be able to walk the walk in the Castro and at the same time get a history lesson.

-The Dallas Voice has a great article "The Super Bowl-sized Closet" about football players coming out in the National Football League.

-Australia has had floods, cyclones and now more wildfires. The outskirts of Perth has a major wildfire that has burned nearly 60 homes.

-Imagine saving all your life for a new home in a great neighborhood and to see it burned down by homophobic bigots. That is exactly what happen to a gay couple in Clayton, North Carolina. The horrible history and details are on Towleroad.com.

-Mitt Romney is doing well in the Western states as he prepares to run for President in 2012. He is especially strong in those states with large Mormon populations such as Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Utah. Wonder what effect if former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman enters the race against him! Will the Mormans stick with Romney or will Huntsman split Romney's base? And will America have a more tolerant view towards the Church of the Latter Day Saints than they did in the last presidential election?

Extinct-fish-rediscovered-japan_31812_600x450 -For over 70 years the Japanese have believed that the Kunimasu salmon has been extinct. Now they have found a lake full of them according to National Geographic.

-Quinnipiac Polling found that by 50% to 43% the people of Florida want to repeal the healthcare bill. Really? All those seniors with drastic healthcare needs want to cut off helpful benefits? Might be time to call Grandma and tell her to start reading up on the facts and stop voting against her own interests.

-Public Policy Polling found that if the election was held today in California, President Obama would beat Huckabee by 15%, Romney by 20% and a whopping 31% over Grizzly Bear Sarah!

-Fashion icon Calvin Klein has delayed completion of his Hamptons digs so that his new 21 year old boyfriend Nick Gruber can build more garage space for his car collection according to Queerty.

-Katrina-ravaged New Orleans has lost a third of its population over the last ten years. The greatest growing population in the city is Hispanic. Wonder what impact that will have on the great 'blues music' coming out of the gateway to the Mississippi?

- Jazz great Dave Koz is playing at the Best Buy Theater in New York this Friday, February 11. This is the perfect gift to the one you love for the upcoming Valentines Day craziness! Click here.

-Finally it is time for just some plain old love given the upcoming Valentines Day. You can't beat this picture to get us in the mood. Love you all!