Feb 15 2011



-The CBS-TV Grammy Concert on Sunday (interspersed with some awards) left me a little shaken. For years I have prided myself on being 'current' on the latest trends in music. Who in the hell are some of these performers?

Karen Z -Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is coming to the Big Apple on March 21st for a fundraiser to assist in a very tight race next year. She has been an incredible advocate for repeal of DADT not only on the floor of the Senate but also in the media. Tony award-winning actress Karen Ziemba (photograph) will perform at the event hosted by Andy Tobias, Gary Belis, Charles Myers, Scott Widmeyer and myself. Get information and purchase your tickets by clicking here.

-We will know in a couple of weeks if former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards will be indicted on federal charges according to Taegan Goddard's Political Wire.

-D.C's Metro Weekly continues to do outstanding journalism. Their article on GOProud even stirred up discussion on the floor of the right-wing CPAC conference. Those GOProud folks are off the wall. One leader of the group proclaimed he 'doesn't like gays?' Say what? Wonder if he has looked in the mirror lately? Be sure to read the cover story by Chris Geidner by clicking here.

-China is facing the worst drought in over sixty years. Historically a drought in that nation equaled famine and millions died of hunger. Already the Chinese government has spent over a billion to alleviate the effects of this weather disaster.

-The four major contenders for the Republican nomination seem to be emerging from the huge pack considering a run. Bunched together in the latest CNN National Poll were Huckabee, Palin, Romney and Gingrich. And Ron Paul was the top choice at CPAC. Of course there is room for dark horses such as Governor Daniels of Indiana. Don't think you will find Donald Trump either the first, second or third tier of potentials candidates. Seems like, at this point, a bit of a tired rerun to me...

Whooper1 -Always have compared myself to a LGBT 'whooping crane' (A gay man alive and over sixty). Imagine my joy when I discovered that for first time in six decades ten whooping cranes are going to be placed in Louisiana. At one time there were 15,000 whooping cranes but they fell to just 15 by the 1940's. There are now over 500 in the United States.

-Harvard Law Review elected its first open gay man as editor to the prestigious journal. In 1990, President Obama was the first African-American elected to that position! Will young Mitchell Reich follow in our President's footsteps? Bravo, Mitchell.

-The CEO of one of America's largest natural food chains has been arrested on suspicion of felony child prostitution. The name of one of his chain of stores is...........Wild Oats.

-Count me as a fan of former California Governor Gray Davis who was recalled by the voters in 2003 and replaced by the Terminator - Schwarzenegger. Now 42% regret recalling the talented governor and only 32% are glad they replaced Davis with Arnold. Ah, Monday morning quarterbacking....

-Recent polls show that McCain's lapdog Republican Senator Lindsey Graham could face a very tough primary fight in South Carolina in his next election. Given a choice, 52% of Republican voters say they would support someone else in the primary.

-Public Policy Polling shows President Obama with a 15% lead over any Republican in New Mexico if the election was held today.

-Polls also show that if Californians were to vote on marriage equality today the split would be 51% for to 40% against with the rest undecided. When you remove senior citizens from the poll it becomes even more favorable with 53% for same sex marriage and 38% against it.

-Speaking of a California, it was sure a good 'gig' to work on Republican Meg Whitman's campaign for governor. Her top campaign strategist Scott Howell took home $5.5 million. Her campaign manager came in just short of a million. Hey, Meg, if you run again, do you need an LGBT advisor?

Prince-charles7088 -Say what you want, I like Prince Charles. In a recent speech to corporate leaders he blasted those who denied climate change saying they have a 'corrosive' impact on public opinion. He warned that those who proclaimed and advocated unchecked growth were playing "roulette" with the future of their children. He has to be one of the most 'green royals' in Europe.

-The first sighting of a rare and endangered ocelot in the Huachuca Mountains of Arizona has the wildlife community abuzz. This was the first sighting in over 40 years. The ocelot is the Southwest version of a bobcat.

-Intelligent and articulate MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts says he can't wait for Maryland to pass marriage equality since he wants to get married in his home state. Can't wait for my invitation to the event. I will be getting one, right?

-Pam's House Blend has a poll from Delaware that shows marriage equality has a one point lead among the voters of that state. The data is 48% for marriage equality and 47% against it.

-Planning on a nice flight to Europe and back? Better check your volcano reports since The Daily Telegraph is reporting that scientists are forecasting a massive eruption of Iceland's second largest volcano, Bardarbunga. This huge volcano would make the last eruption that disrupted air traffic so look like a picnic. The last time it exploded in 1477 it created the largest know lava flow in 10,000 years!

-The latest Fox News poll has Obama beating Romney by 7% and beating Huckabee by 8%. However when pitted against the Alaska Grizzly, the President beats her by 21%!

-Bravo to Thai Airlines for adding Transsexual flight attendants. This is a huge breakthrough for equal rights. United, American and the rest of you are you listening?

-Long time organizer and performer Robin Tyler is exploring the possibility of another March on Washington in May of 2012. Tyler has been involved in a number of huge events in the LGBT community.

Lady gaga egg grammy awrds 2011 -The anthem "Born This Week" by Lady Gaga is the fastest selling iTunes single in history. The song is number one on the charts in 23 different countries. By the way, I loved her "egg" at the Grammys on Sunday.

-Kerry Eleveld of "Equality Matters' has a powerful Op Ed piece "False Choice: ENDA v. Marriage Equality." This is a must read.

-This statistic from the ACLU newsletter shocked the hell out of me. Working on a case to ease the overcrowded prison system in Maryland they proclaimed that,

"In Baltimore alone, more than half of African American men between the ages of 20 and 30 are under the control of the corrections system – most serving lengthy sentences for nonviolent offenses."

-New Hampshire's Freedom to Marry organization has released a poll with great news. An astounding 63% of New Hampshire voters do not want to overturn marriage equality in the Granite State! The Republican leadership better be careful about the issue in this session of the legislature.

-Anyone who has sat through one of their concerts has to just fall in love with the New York City Gay Men's Chorus. They are having their annual big event, Harmony, February 28th (Monday) at Christie's in Rockefeller Plaza. They will be joined by the amazing Youth Pride Chorus. Buy your tickets here.

-Speaking of music, I found this old tape of Peter, Paul and Mary singing at a massive anti-Vietnam War demonstration in Washington, DC in 1971. It was one of the last great gathering against the Vietnam War. Enjoy!