Feb 7 2011



Picture_1_04 My dear friend Peter Yacobellis brought to my attention that it is important for us to know basic facts before we go shopping. Some companies have worked very hard to improve their policies for LGBT equality and others have either continued in silence or actually hurt our fight for equal rights. We should know who are our friends and who are enemies before we spend our dollars.

HRC has created a rating system for companies across America. Reviewing it, I had a few disagreements (such as too high for a rating for Target) but otherwise found it sound. Peter highlighted a few to give you an example of the difference between companies. You can see the entire HRC rating by clicking here.

Shell gas scores 100% and Exxon Mobil scores 0%
Finlandia Vodka scores 100% and Svedka scores 0%
Comcast scores a 95% and Cablevision scores 30% (FIOS scores 70%)
Costco scores a 100% and BJ's scores 15%
Home Depot scores an 85% and Lowes scores 30%