Mar 8 2011



 -Want to know the difference between the Republican party and Democratic party? Here is a good example: The Denver Post reports that openly gay latino Rick Palacio (photograph) was elected Chairman of the Colorado Democratic party. His family has been in the state six generations and he is pro-union!

-The battle for the right to organize continues in Wisconsin and it has taken an interesting turn. The voters of Wisconsin could face the largest number of candidates being recalled in its history. Eight Democrats and eight Republicans from the State Senate could face voters in recall elections.

-On Wisconsin! According to the Wisconsin Research Institute Poll, President Obama's approval rating has soared to 53% in the Badger State. Union-buster Republican Governor Scott Walker is disliked by 53% of the same voters. Hmmmm.

Olympia-Snowe -Maine's Republican Senator Olympia Snowe (photograph)is in trouble according to Public Policy Polls. Over 67% of Republican primary voters think she should become a Democrat or Independent! This does not bode well for the longtime senator. While Snowe has a very conservative voting record, she did vote for the repeal of DADT.

-Our sympathy goes to Faith In America's Mitchell Gold whose mother Rhoda passed away this week. Our thoughts and love are with him.

-There is a fantastic interview with Ted Olson by Chris Geidner in the latest issue of MetroWeekly in Washington, DC.

-Given "The Donald's" strong anti-LGBT rhectoric recently, wonder if the residents of those apartment/condo buildings that has TRUMP plastered on the front can vote to remove his name from their buildings?

-My good friend Ken Campbell made me aware of which is a social network and web site for people living with HIV/AIDS. Take a look, it is a wonderful site.

-The reports that 75% of Irish Citizens believe in full marriage equality for the LGBT community. Remember when Ireland was the most Catholic country in the world?

-Taegan Goddard's Politcal Wire had a really interesting item about the next New York City mayor's race. Seems as disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is considering a run for that office. His entrance would make Congressman Anthony Weiner one unhappy man.

Greg has a moving story about the long term impact of a young jock who was forced from his high school because he was discovered to be gay. Over the last eight years Greg Congdon (photograph) has struggled deeply with the ramifications of that time in his life. This is a must read.

-The attempts to break Private Manning of Wikileaks fame continue with not only his isolation but now forcing him to go naked for hours upon hours with humiliating inspections while nude. You can keep abreast of the case by clicking here.

-Brigham Young University just suspended its star basketball player, Brandon Davies, because he had consenting sex with his girlfriend. Brigham Young requires its sports stars to be "chaste and virtuous." Wonder how many keep chaste and virtuous through all four years of playing sports? And given the history of the Mormons, does that also mean chaste and virtuous with all those multiple wives allowed in their religious not-so-distant past? Just wondering...

-The Washington Blade is reporting that revenue for national LGBT organizations in 2009 was down by an average 20%.

Whooping_cranes%202 -Good news for the Whooping Cranes. After reports that several of the endangered birds had been shot comes the news that 283 have been counted in the latest census.

-Our good friend Pam Spaulding's North Carolina has a reputation of being a conservative place. Imagine our surprise that the latest Public Policy Poll revealed that 52% of the Tarheel State's residents support either marriage equality or civil unions.

-Speaking of conservative states, President Obama continues to run 6% ahead of Mitt Romney in the latest polls in Virginia. The President leads Newt Gingrich by 13% and Sarah Palin by 19%. Isn't this a state Republicans must win back in order to win in 2012?

-Winthrop Poll of folks in eleven Southern states about their choice for the Republican nomination had former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee at 21.9%. His closet rival was Newt Gingrich at 12.9%. This, though, was before Huckabee's near-deranged ramblings about Natalie Portman's pregnancy and Barack Obama supposed growing up in Kenya.

-Speaker John Boehner must be crying over this one: Congressional Republicans in the House have decided to take legal action on the side of keeping DOMA in place. Just what our nation needs is the focus on marriage equality instead of jobs, education and climate change.

 -These sailors from the United States Navy show us a fun time!