Apr 5 2011



-As if Queen Elizabeth II's May visit to Ireland wasn't symbolic enough with her trip being the first monarch to visit Ireland in fifty years, rumor has it that she will attend a children's match in Croke Park in Dublin. The facility was the site of the original "Bloody Sunday" in 1920 when police and troops opened fire on players and spectators. Fourteen were killed and the massacre has been for decades a symbol against British oppression. And the walls come tumbling down....

-Ed Kennedy of AfterElton's Morning Meme has a great item about David Furnish (photograph)having Elton John's and his son's name (Zachary) tattooed on his forearm. Kennedy continues to be my favorite read in the morning.

-What kind of really disturbed individual would go hunting to kill an elephant? Well, of course,the super rich CEO Bob Parsons of GoDaddy.com for one. They always claim afterwards when they get caught mowing down wildlife that they were helping the environment. Can't get the image out of my head of staring at a beautiful elephant and shooting it. Wow, tells you all you need to know about him, doesn't it?

Ritz-Carlton-Hong-Kong -The Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong is now the highest hotel in the world. The brand name hotel occupies floors 102 to 118 in a skyscraper in the city. Dubai now falls to second place in the honors of who has the tallest hotel. Think I'd rather be on a floor where the fire trucks can reach, thank you.....

-An untold story of the tsunami is that it hit Midway Island with a five foot wave that killed over 110,000 Albatross baby chicks and 2,000 of the adults. The toll on the chick population was significant with almost 22% of them killed.

-Five people were arrested on Monday in New York City to protest the lack of full marriage equality in New York City. Queer Uprising organized the protest which blocked traffic outside the Governor's Manhattan office.

-The one person who perhaps gives President Obama a real race for the Presidency, Mike Huckabee, increasingly looks like he is not running. His Iowa campaign manager just signed with Michele Bachmann. Inside word also has it that the former Arkansas governor and Baptist preacher has gotten very fond of his FOX-TV salary.

-Even though the chances of his running appear dimmer, Huckabee is still cleaning up in the polls. In the York County Republican County, South Carolina poll, Huckabee got 23% followed by Newt Gingrich at 11% and get this, Michele Bachmann at 10%! Poor old Mitt Romney is way back at 8%.

-While we are on the topic of Congresswoman Bachmann, she out-fund raised every possible candidate for the Republican nomination in 2010 in the first quarter of this year. Between different accounts, she raised a total of $2.2 million dollars!

-Poor old Mitt can't seem to get a break. Romney, according to the Public Policy Poll, is running weaker than he did in 2008 in fourteen out of sixteen key states poll. Not a good omen for the slick candidate.

-The Japan earthquake/tsunami death toll has risen to 27,000 and is likely to go higher. The situation with the nuclear plants has far overshadowed the death and destruction that has taken place in land of the rising sun. .

-The DavidMixner.com poll showed that 48% of our readers were against our intervention in Libya and only 37% supported the venture.

-Was it just me or did the April Fool's jokes this year have a touch of meaness?

Annette-Bening -Busy week at the Glass House Tavern with superstar Annette Bening breaking bread after seeing "Arcadia" across the street. The new toast of Broadway Andrew Rannells from the spectacularly reviewed "The Book of Mormon" also was enjoying an evening at the eatery.

-Expect to see intelligent and handsome MSNBC/Today Show news personality Thomas Roberts make an appearance on "30 Rock". Thomas is one of the best anchors that MSNBC has on its lineup.

-While not a mainstream poll, gay Republican Fred Karger can be very proud that he placed first in the St. Anselm College presidential poll. He got five more votes than Romney.

-Eight Republican State Senators of Maine's legislature sent an extraordinary letter to the Republican governor blasting him for tearing down a mural in a public building that the thought was too pro-labor. So let me see if I get this right, not only are we busting unions but also hiding any art that is pro-working class?

-Speaking of 'bright' Republicans, the Lt. Governor Peter Kinder of Missouri has really stepped in it. The single candidate, expected to run for governor, has run up huge expense accounts at some of the best hotels and restaurants. By the way, his campaign slogan is "Every Dollar Counts!" You can't make this stuff up!

-Over 14% of the American people now need food stamps in order to survive. That is a huge jump from before the severe recession.

-Ohio State University wins the prize for paying their university president the most money of any public university. President E. Gordon Gee receives about $1.8 million dollars a year. You can see the rest of the top ten by clicking here.

Just as I ran the story yesterday on Congressman Franks in Arizona running for the United States Senate my good friend Neil Giuliano wrote me and said that on Sunday Frank's announced he is keeping his Congressional seat. Should have checked with Neil first who is all things Arizona!

-OK, OK, I want one. What? The Russians have been breeding a population of foxes to make them domesticated! Now they are to a point where they can be adopted! Wow. Check out these pictures!


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