Apr 19 2011



Alan Cumming as "Eli Gold"

-As my mother used to say, "that Alan Cumming has sure fallen into the pudding!" Deadline Hollywood is reporting that he has signed a lucrative three year deal with CBS to be a regular on "The Good Wife". The nation has become a fan of his political operative Eli Gold on this outstanding show. Count on another Emmy nomination for Cumming this year.

-Never thought I would write these words but it appears that the Democrats have a chance of picking up a seat in the state of Texas! Brandenton.com is reporting that former Iraq Commander Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez will seek the Democratic nomination for United States Senate. For Democrats, it doesn't get any better in Texas than a Hispanic general! The election year 2012 promises to be a very strange one!

-Our hearts go out to the people of North Carolina as they recover from massive devastation this past weekend. The National Weather Service issued 401 tornado warnings in a three day period. Might be an all time record. Wow.

Tornado -Unfortunately, it is not over! AccuWeather.com is reporting that there could be two tornado outbreaks this week alone. In addition, they are forecasting a May that will be just as bad as April. Yikes.

-Don't forget to obtain your ticket for the 6th Anniversary Benefit for the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. The May 23 hot event will be held at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York City. Invites are not even in the mail and tickets are selling fast.

-This can't be good news for Newt Gingrich who seems to be on a political crusade to make America a Christian nation. The latest Public Policy poll shows him losing the Republican presidential primary in his home state of Georgia to Mike Huckabee! Newt can't decide if he wants to be President or Billy Graham.

-While we are speaking of Dixie, a CNN poll showed that 40% of Southerners still sympathize with the Confederacy. Think carefully about that fact. That means they supported leaving the United States over the issue of slavery. Yow.

-Like everything else in America these days, the CNN poll showed the nation evenly divided over the issue of military force in Libya. Americans by 52% to 47% favor our intervention.

Mary_todd_lincoln -Vulture.com is reporting that Sally Field has been picked to play Mary Todd Lincoln (photograph). Her Abe will be Daniel Day Lewis in the new Spielberg movie on our 16th President. As reported before on this blog, her breathtaking performance in the closed-door reading of the Tony Kushner script a while ago absolutely dazzled the invite-only audience.

-Stuart Rothenburg has written in "Roll Call" that it is not unlikely that the Republicans could have 60 Senators after the 2012 election. Quite honestly I have a hard time seeing that happen but read it for yourself and let us know what you think.

-Towleroad.com ran a fantastic video about a stunning spider mating. You have to see it by clicking here.

-Taegan Goddard's Political Wire is reporting that in a Republican Presidential Straw Poll in Orangeburg County in South Carolina more candidates were on the ballot than Republicans voting! There were 30 candidates on the ballot and only 25 voters. You can cut the excitement it is so big !

-DavidMixner.com Poll last week shows that 50% of our readers feel we will never leave Afghanistan! That is an amazing number.

-Distinguished guests were at The Glass House Tavern this past week. Britain's former occupant of the Number 10 Downing Street, Sarah Brown, was breaking bread with dear friends. Later former Mayor Ed Koch was seen having lunch. Finally Robin Williams was having dinner with friends and could have not been more gracious to the staff.

-Very disturbing news is coming out of Hungry. The nationalist/ right coalition in Parliament have approved a new Constitution that bans marriage equality. This might be the first European nation to actually put it in a national Constitution. Sigh.

Hubble -NASA has released some amazing new pictures from the Hubble Telescope. Just click here.

-The Advocate has online a video of the brutal beating of a young gay man in Rock Hill, South Carolina. What is amazing is that no one came to his help.

-Another right wing victory in the EU (European Union) has taken place. The Nationalist Party which ran on immigration and against the EU places first in the election in Finland! The BBC is reporting that they will receive 20% of the vote compared to just 4% in the last election.

-Former Iowa's First Lady Christie Vilsack most likely will attempt to take back Congressman Steve King's seat for the Democrats in 2012. The Dems seem to be doing better this year in coming up with some really good candidates.

-In the 'it was bound to happen' department, at a recent Progressive Conference environmentalists were all over the LGBT community seeking advice on how to keep President Obama's feet to the fire. Republicans, along with attacking the LGBT community and labor, seem hell bent to repeal any environmental legislation.

-Vollywood.com gives this moving account from the sports world. When fans from another team brutally chanted homophobic remarks from the stands against a player on the Volei Futuro team, the home fans where not going to have any of it. The next home game all the players wore pink jerseys to support their team mate Michael. The fans unfurled a huge banner saying that they were with Preconceito. Check out these moving photographs!

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