May 24 2011



Libray of congress 
 -Some splendid rare color pictures from the Great Depression has surfaced and you can see them on Mail Online. (see photograph above) has taken the lead in attempting to stop the repressive legislation traveling through the Tennessee legislature right now. Please click here to sign their petition and find how else you can help stop hate.

-Public Policy Polling says that President Obama would easily beat any Republican candidate for President in Washington State. He leads the strongest Republican, Mitt Romney, by 11%.

Neil-patrick-harris-hm01 -The "Class Act of the Week" goes to Neil Patrick Harris. When he arrived outside the Glass House Tavern some fans wanted their photographs with him and he graciously posed with them. He then went inside and had a relaxing two and a half hour meal with friends.

-The "Most Unbelievable Statement of the Week" award goes to Republican President candidate Rick Santorum who claimed that former POW Senator John McCain doesn't understand torture! McCain responded by simply saying "Who?"

-Is the age of the Tea Party fading fast? A South Carolina rally that was expected to draw two thousand managed a grand total of 30 people! has released their annual "Hot 100" list filled with celebrities with perfect bodies. I can't understand why I didn't make it!  LOL. If you are interested check the hunks out.

-The Japanese seabed was moved an amazing 79 feet in the March 11 earthquake according to National Geographic.

-Patrick Range McDonald has written an excellent article for the on the debate taking place in California about a possible ballot measure to repeal Proposition 8 in California. should we put it back on the ballot? What do you think? 

Hart -Love reading former United States Senator Presidential candidate Gary Hart's blog. Enjoy it with me. (photograph)

-GetEqual is working hard to build an organization to "Take Back Pride" this year. Hoping that Pride events will focus more on our struggle for full equality than just celebration, they are seeking volunteers to help with their efforts across the country. Click here. reports that Frank Bruni at the New York Times is the first LGBT person to gain a regular slot in the prestigious Opinion pages of the famous 'gray lady".

-Congressman Jerry Nadler has a perfect article on onthe importance of infrastructure projects. "The Necessity of Infrastructure Cash" is an obvious solution to our job problems but one that everyone seems to have forgotten. Be sure to read it.

-Claire Buffie, who has been Ms. New York the last year in the Ms. America organization, recorded a video for HRC's "New Yorkers for Marriage Equality". Claire has made full equality her issue in her year with the Ms. America organization. Job well done, Claire.

Koz -On June 6th, legendary smooth jazz musician Dave Koz will join up with Director Graham Streeter to make a video with a 'love flash mob'. Participants should be at the Figueroa Plaza in Ventura, California by 9:00 AM on that day. The video will help promote marriage equality with Dave's song, "This Guy's In Love With You'. Sounds like fun to me.

-As always, Michelangelo Singnorile has written another powerful article, "Lesson Learned" for "The Advocate". He pulls down the curtains and exposes GOProud for its anti-LGBT efforts and its tie to some really questionable folks. This is a must read.

-When Disney released "African Cats" it dedicated a portion of its opening week proceeds to the "Save the Savanna" campaign. African Wildlife Federation reports that because of those funds over 50,000 acres of land in Kenya's Amboseli Wildlife Corridor has been saved. That is an area twice the size of Manhattan.

-Congressman Barney Frank is the guest of honor at a fundraiser for openly gay candidate for Congress Ed Potosnak in New Jersey. Click here to get all the details.

-A fun and funny movie, "You Should Meet My Son" will be released on DVD on June 7th. Below is the trailer but go here to find out all about it.