May 31 2011



Tropical Low 
-So we have been through severe blizzards, deadly tornados and massive flooding already this year and now we have to start worrying about hurricanes? Yep. There is an outside chance that a tropical storm could form in the Western Caribbean this week. The first storm would be Arlene. It is going to be a long year.

-Life News has some horrible photographs taken at the attempted Moscow Pride Parade. Just click here to view them. Again, my admiration, respect and thanks go out to these brave folks.

-On July 11th (Monday), yours truly, will be doing a one man show off-Broadway at The Dixon Place Theater. Since the first night is almost sold out, they have added a second night on July 18th (Monday). If you want to see the show and benefit homeless LGBT youth and LGBT theater, then just click here, review the information and purchase your tickets.

-This past Memorial Day weekend the number of Americans killed in the decade old Afghanistan passed the 1,500 mark.

Wisconsin -Public Policy Polling is showing that if former Senator Russ Feingold decides to enter the Democratic Primary for a return to the United States Senate he would be tough to beat. He currently leads Congresswomen Tammy Baldwin by 70% to 12% in a Democratic Primary. If Feingold doesn't run, Baldwin becomes the frontrunner in the primary with 30% of the vote.

-Wisconsin looks in healthy shape for President Obama. He leads the closest Republican, Mitt Romney, by 12% according to the latest polls.

-In the 'never thought I would see the day' department, Georgia has now three openly LGBT legislators with the coming out of Representative Rashad Taylor (D-Atlanta). Wow.

-The upset election of Democrat Kathy Hochul to the 26th Congressonal District in New York got major coverage. What you might not know that in this conservative district, Hochul campaigned not only as against the Paul Ryan Medicare gutting, but also as a full supporter of total marriage equality.

-In Illinois, the Democrats redistricting map has been leaked. According to The Cook Report, Democrats could pick up a net of five Congressional seats in that state alone next year.

-Democrat and have listed eight New York State senators who are still undecided on marriage equality. Take a look at the list and see if you can help in any constructive way.

-Not a bad week on Broadway with nine shows hitting close to or over 100% capacity. According to they include Wicked, War Horse, Lion King, Anything Goes, Good People, Jersey Boys, Sister Act, The Book of Mormon and How to Succeed in Business..."

-Think we are making progress on Climate Change? Guess again. The International Energy Agency said we hit a global record high for carbon emissions into our atmosphere. What are we thinking?

Newsweek -Newsweek Magazine has a cover story called "Weather Panic" and it is a must read for all of us. This sentence sums up the story: "You can no longer say that the climate of the future is going to be like the climate of today, let alone yesterday....we are going to have to change the way we do things in ways we can't even predict."

-Extreme Right Republican Governor Rick Perry is making noises he might run for President. He better check with his own neighbors first. The Texas Tribune reports that as of now, he would get 4% of the vote in TEXAS itself! Sarah Palin is number one with 12% of the vote.

-Things are looking up for the President in Florida. A Quinnipiac University poll in the Sunshine State shows that Obama would right now beat any Republican by 7%. A significant majority of voters (50%) feel the President deserves reelection. In the same poll, incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson leads by 25% his Republican opposition.

-A receipt from a Joplin, Missouri store was found 525 miles away in Indiana. Wow.

-The Southern Political Report shows that Mitt Romney still leads but he is followed in order by Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. Yep, you read that right. The pizza man is getting 11% of the vote.

-Because of heavy snows, Aspen Ski Resort plans to stay open until July 4th. Hell, why even bother closing?

-Another major flood will be hitting in June along the Missouri River from Montana to the Mississippi. It could cause extensive damage.

-At last and just in time! Astronomers have completed a massive 3D map of our local universe. It took ten years to create it and covers a distance of 380 million light years! Take a peek!