May 11 2011




Newt Gingrich has announced his intentions to run for President and he won't be happy until America goes from a democracy to a theocracy. After marrying his third wife, (and committing adultery with regards to the two prior) he converted to the Catholic faith. There is a reason that H.L. Menchken said, "I detest converts almost as much as missionaries." Newt fits that description perfectly with his new emphasis on America as a Christian nation. Of course that description excludes a vast number of Americans from his vision. No homosexual, Muslims, feminists, Buddhists or anyone else that is not white, male and Christian need apply for the full benefits of American citizenship.

The list of his rants and raves against so many targets could not fit into this blog. For the American LGBT citizens he is particularly harsh. He supports:

-an amendment to the Constitution of the United States banning same sex marriage.

-banning all adoption by LGBT parents

-banning LGBT citizens from becoming foster parents.

-stopping LGBT Americans from serving in the military at all costs.

-against the passage of ENDA

-against the repeal of DOMA

-had his political committees give $350,000 to anti-LGBT hate groups

-says Obama should be impeached for not defending DOMA in court.

-believes that all homosexuals are sinners.

-he stated that there is a 'gay and secular fascism in this country'

This, from a man who has a half-sister, Candace, who is Lesbian. Sorry, but people don't come any more despicable than this.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. So I think we should take a page from Newt's book and say a prayer to prove our spiritual credentials:

"Oh dear God, please, please don't stick us with Newt Gingrich as President."