Jun 28 2011




-Nate Silver pointed out that The New York Post which did 11 covers on Congressman Anthony Weiner put the passage of marriage equality on Page 2. It might have been the only New York newspaper that did not make it the lead story thanks to the notoriously regressive politics of owner Rupert Murdoch.

-The new Miss USA is for marriage equality. Alyssa Campanella (photograph) was crowned in Las Vegas last week and she represented California in the beauty pageant.

-Isn't it amazing that Mitt Romney had been campaigning in Iowa for over six years and that Michele Bachmann can tie him in The Des Moines Register poll the moment she announces she is running for President?  Nate Silver believes Bachmann can be a real contender for President. God help us.

-The American Medical Association just endorsed marriage equality. Don't you have that feeling that there is no turning back?

-Two more service members were killed in Iraq this week making June the deadliest month in two years in that nation. Bring them home.

-Equality Matters Kerry Eleveld has an important article on President Obama and his lack of support for marriage equality. She wonders if "Can Obama Bridge The Enthusiasm Gap?" A lot of us are wondering the very same thing.


-The Daily Beast has an article "Edward's Life in Exile" by Michelle Cottle. It paints a very bleak picture of the daily life of disgraced former Presidential candidate John Edwards. North Carolinians seem especially betrayed by him.

-Speaking of disgraced politicians, the race to fill disgraced Senator John Ensign's vacant seat in Nevada looks very close and could be a 'pick-up' for the Democrats. Pro-equality Democrat Shelley Berkley is leading interim Republican Senator Dean Heller by 2% according to Magellan Polls.

-The Center for Disease Control estimates that 20% of Americans have HIV/AIDS and don't even know it because of failure to be tested. This is not good news.

-Public Policy Polling shows that in the 2012 presidential primary in Florida (without Palin included) Romney receives 29% with Bachmann nipping at his heels with 22%. The pizza king Herman Cain comes in third with 14%.

-The same polling concern showed that Obama has a solid 12% lead over his nearest rival, Mitt Romney, in Oregon. The other interesting stat coming out of the poll was that Oregon supports full marriage equality by 48% to 42%.

-After the recent successful vote in New York for marriage equality, The New York Times columnist Nate Silver wrote of the contrasting styles between Obama and Cuomo:

That Mr. Cuomo’s accomplishment pertains to same-sex marriage, an issue on which Mr. Obama has adopted an indecipherable position born of a cynical-seeming political calculus, makes the contrast sharper. And that it involved achieving cooperation from Republicans, something Mr. Obama has rarely received, makes it seem as though Mr. Cuomo has more effectively executed upon Mr. Obama’s “theory of change” than the president himself, demonstrating that articulating clear and unapologetic goals is not incompatible with persuading votes on the margins.


-Always love these stories and they give me hope and also make me feel there is so much more to discover. Conservationists have discovered over 1,000 new species in New Guiena including the Wattied Smoky Honeyeater (photograph).

-The Los Angeles Times wrote a powerful editorial in response to New York's victory last Friday. The paper says it is time for California to get its act together and make marriage equality legal in the Golden Gate State. The editorial concluded:

Today it is New York's turn to bask in the knowledge that it has moved the entire country forward in the ongoing struggle for equal rights for all. California should learn lessons from New York's victory and quickly put itself back on the right side of history.

-LGBTPOV announced that lesbian pioneer Jean Harris has passed away in California. Jean was a Deputy Mayor of San Francisco and founder of CAPE which eventually became Equality California. She was known for her love of grass root politics and a good political battle. She made a lot of our victories today possible and she will be missed.

-The Good Men Project Magazine has a wonderful profile of designers Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams.

-Politico.com has a story on what is next on the agenda for the Marriage Equality Movement. Maryland and Rhode Island seem like repeat targets. Protecting it from the right wing in marriage equality is the state of New Hampshire. Of course, overturning Proposition 8 in California.

This is a wonderful youtube.com video about 40 years of gay pride. Enjoy!