Jun 7 2011




-Vermont is just perfect. That is according to eQualitygiving.org who has ranked every state on a full equality scorecard. Vermont is the first state to reach 100% for LGBT equality. Click here to check out your state's score!

-What a difference nine months makes! Last Fall when the DavidMixner.com poll inquired your opinion of Obama's performance over 70% of readers rated him 'bad' or 'disasterous". In last week's poll asking the same question 60% rated the President "Excellent" or "Good"! Only 14% still gave him negative rating!

-Now here is something to ponder from author Fareed Zakaria.

Apple has about $70 billion in revenues. The company that makes Apple's products called Foxconn is in China. They have about the same revenue - $70 billion dollars.

Apple employees 50,000 people. Foxconn employs 1,000,000 people. So you can have all the innovation you want and tens of thousands of engineers in California benefit, but hundreds of thousands of people benefit in China because the manufacturing has gone there.

-David Catanese on Politico.com has ranked the toughest ten governor races for 2012. Holding down the Number 1 position is Montana. Check out the others by clicking here.

-The media is saturated with stories surrounding the 30th anniversary of HIV/AIDS. Without question, Karen Ocamb of LGBTPOV.com, has been running some of the best. She has reached into the past and taken us back to those days. She has amazing videos and historical documents from the early days. Please check it out.

LennartAndSteviePainting -Talented artist George Towne is opening his new show "In The Company of Men..." at the Michael Mut Gallery in New York City on June 10. George's portraits of men are so powerful. Hope you can make it down there to witness it firsthand.

-Marylouise Oates filed another story on Huffington Post from the recently held "La Pietra Summit" in Italy. She wrote of the problems of getting the G-20 Summit to include gender issues:

Mayra Buvinic, the World Bank gender and social development expert, explained the G20 was the logical first focus for women's financial inclusion. "It obviously used to be the G8 that was calling the shots. Now there is a huge shift -- a bigger player and a more important player, presenting a great opportunity for the intervention of a coalition. The G20 is a great target for the La Pietra Coalition." But, she cautioned about the difficulty of making a success the first time out: "Last year some people tried to get gender on the agenda at the last minute at the G20 in Korea. There were seven main priorities there, seven working groups -- but only on 'skills strengthening' was gender mentioned.

-LGBTQ.com has a delightful column on its site called "Confessions of a Blog Addict." Click on it and enjoy.

-GetEqual.org is having a New York City fundraiser on June 18 (Saturday) at 2PM. The event for the activist group will be held at XES Lounge located at 157 West 24th Street. Click here to make a donation or get a ticket.

-ThinkProgress.org has launched a new page dedicated to LGBT issues. Check it out.

-Speaking of web pages, the White House has set up an LGBT page on the official White House web site. Not sure but this might be another first for them.

-In the "Don't you wish you had the nerve to do it" department comes this gem. When a passenger on an United Airlines flight to Ghana put back his seat all the way, it led to what was described as a slap fight. started by the person sitting in the seat behind. God, I wish I sometimes could slap someone on an airline flight.

-Public Policy Polling last poll on the anti-marriage equality ballot measure in Minnesota showed the race is dead even.

-A new CNN poll shows that 58% of American would like tank Congressman Paul Ryan's plan for Medicare. Only 35% of Americans support it and they are all conservative Republicans.

 -Want to head to London next year for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012? You can find out all the plans by clicking here. Looks like the real action starts won June 3rd (Sunday) when the Queen will lead 1,000 boats up the Thames on her Royal Barge!

-The latest Ohio poll numbers have liberal Democratic incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown leading all Republican comers anywhere from 14% to 18%.

-If the 2012 Presidential election was held in New York today, the Quinnipiac University poll shows that President Obama would win New York by 57%! He received 62% in the 2008 election.

-Pam's House Blend printed a letter from former US Senate candidate Jim Neal who disrupted the North Carolina legislature while they were considering anti-LGBT legislation.

-The Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute has announced their selection for this years David Bohnett Follows. Fourteen officials were selected to attend special time at Harvard's Kennedy School. In making the announcement, Michael Fleming pointed out that Mayor Annise Parker was a one time Bohnett Fellow.

-The National Weather Bureau has announced that we have had five EF-5 tornados this year. This almost record breaking number is amazing. For a list of other major records that have fallen in this year of the tornado just click here.

-The capture of war criminal Serbian Ratko Mladic is a relief to all who love peace. However, these successful arrests overshadow the horror inflicted on others. Mladic is accused of being responsible for the slaughter of 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Bosnia in 1995. Boston.com's Big Picture has a photo essay to remind us of his deeds.

-The United States Army has opened their new web site for doing away with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" At the same time, Secretary of Defense Gates has told the armed forces that not liking LGBT Americans serving in the military is not reason for fudging one's commitment to serve. Slowly but surely we are heading toward full implementation.

-Another horrible statistic pointing to Climate Change. According to The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre over 42 million people were forced to flee their homes because of natural disasters. Most of the people forced to flee did so because of floods and

-Daguerreotype was the first successful commercial photograph process. My Daguerreotype Boyfriend has some old fashion photographs that include some handsome men. Loved these photographs. Click here for the rest.


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