Jul 19 2011




Impact Broadway Impact Team

-Wonder if Tiffany's will allow Newt Gingrich to use that million dollar line of credit for his campaign since his campaign is that amount in debt. With practically no staff, no finance committee left and no money, I think we can now chalk up this campaign as nothing more than a vehicle for Newt to sell books and his movies. By the way, $400,000 of that million of debt is for private jets and he wants to act righteous about the budget?

-Another anti-gay bigot is having trouble raising funds. Former United States Senator Rick Santorum has raised only $580,000 for his national campaign. At this rate, soon openly gay Republican candidate Fred Karger will surpass him!

-Broadway Impacts will hit the road with the new Dustin Lance Black play on Proposition 8. Both Cory O'Malley and Gavin Creel (photograph) will do performances at their alma maters. Black's "8" will premiere on Broadway for a one night star studded cast reading on September 18 and then spread out across the country. The evening will be a benefit for the American Foundation for Equal Rights which is financing the Proposition 8 court case.

-The Sunshine State News is reporting that the recent unemployment figures are seriously hurting President Obama in Florida. Polls show Romney carrying every area of the state except South Florida. The President narrowly carried the Sunshine State in 2008.

-What is the most expensive city in the world in which to live? New York? London? Nope, it is Luanda in the African nation of Angola! Then comes Tokyo in 2nd place followed by N'Djamena in Chad! Mercer's Cost Of Living Survey says the most expensive city in the Americas is San Paulo in Brazil.

-In Quinnipiac University new national poll, Michele Bachmann is surging forward. Romney is leading with 25% but Bachmann jumped to second with 14% of the vote. Placing third with 12% is Sarah Palin. What a distinguished list of candidates the Republicans have this year.

-A trip down memory lane was sent to me by Karen Ocamb of LGBTPOV. The video shows Bill Clinton taking about HIV/AIDS in his presidential campaign in 1992. The video was not an HRC event but actually was from his famous "I Have A Vision And You Are Part Of It" speech at the Hollywood Palace in May, 1992 which was sponsored by ANGLE. Take a look:

-Janet Weinberg who is COO of Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) has written a wonderful article for their blog. "What's Love (And Marriage) Got To Do With It." She has done a nice job and the piece is a very good read.

-Janice Hahn was just elected in a special election in South California to Congress to replace Jane Harmon. Hahn is a pro-marriage equality edition to the United States Congress.

-Open lesbian Congresswomen Tammy Baldwin is moving full steam ahead in her preparations to run for United States Senate in Wisconsin. She is in full fundraising mode with a huge $1.1 million cash on hand. You can add to her effort by clicking here.

-New York City Council President Christine Quinn is doing great in her fundraising as she prepares for her race for mayor. She reportedly raised $1.32 million in just the last six months. This is a great month for lesbians raising money to run for office!

-Exceptional Drought is hitting a good part of the United States and wreaking havoc with our economy. Take a look at the map.


-The first rate journalist Chris Geidner has posted in MetroWeekly an excellent two piece series on the history of DOMA in the Clinton years. "The Marriage Wars" is a must read.

-Who are the major LGBT bundlers for Obama so far in this election? The bundlers list on Sun Light Foundation shows the names of those raising over $500,000 of Andy Tobias and Eugene Sepulveda. Raising over $200,000 was Jeff Soref, Dana Perlman, Barry Karas and Sally Susman.

-Polls show that Senator Bob Casey is in great shape for re-election in Pennsylvania!

-National Geographic is reporting that they have discovered huge undersea volcanoes off Antarctica. Some are as high as Mt. Fuji!

-President Obama has been over the last several polls holding an 8% lead in North Carolina but in the last weeks has taken a serious dip. Public Policy Polling shows our President now tied with Governor Romney.

-Towleroad.com has a trailer for Josh Howard's new documentary "The Lavender Scare" concerning the witch hunt against homosexuals in government in the 1950's. Click here to see this trailer of an important upcoming film.

-Who could not be moved with our active duty soldiers marching in the San Diego Pride Parade and the huge reaction from the crowds. Take a look!