Jul 5 2011



Jason moore 
Jason Moore Goes To The Movies

-Well we have survived another July 4th and Americans celebrate our independence. From whom? Turns out in the latest Marist Poll 1 in 4 Americans cannot name England as the country we fought for independence! And the Republicans say we spend too much on education!

-Famous Broadway director Jason Moore ( photograph) moves into film according to "Deadline Hollywood" The out director became known internationally for the Tony award-winning "Avenue Q." .Joining forces with Jakes Shears he just directed "Tales of the City" in San Francisco. His first film will be "Pitch Perfect" a comedy about college a cappella groups.

-What climate change? In a recent report for the National Academy of Science, experts said that the sea-level rise is occurring at the greatest rate in 2000 years!  Beach front property in Princeton soon?

-Move over New York Post! Just when I thought "The Post" had the best headline of the year with "Obama Beats Weiner" along comes The Irish Sun. Seems as U2 front man Bono recently received a pair of peacocks as a gift and they made quite the racket upsetting the neighbors. Here is The Irish Sun's headline:


-Public Policy Polling is recording the Michele Bachmann surge in a number of states. She now leads Romney in Oregon, Montana and New Mexico!

-Just how Republican is Texas? Well in the latest polls pizza king Herman Cain ties President Obama with 43%!

-Speaking of Texas, just how crazy are Governor Rick Perry's allies in his giant Prayer Rally to be held in August? "Right Wing Watch" has published a list of the most outrageous statements of those sponsoring the rally with the governor. Some them make you yearn for the days of Rev. Wright! The most outrageous is by Bryan Fischer who Right Wing Watch reports:

"found gays responsible for the Holocaust and likened them to domestic terrorists and Nazis who are intent on committing “virtual genocide” against the military, and asserts that “homosexuals should be disqualified from public office”;

-Check out the progress of the new buildings at Ground Zero. Architizer.com peers into its crystal ball and shows how the current construction will look when finished. You can see exactly how much as been done.

-New Mexico has an open senate seat with the retirement of US Senator Jeff Bingaman. The man who is leading in the Democratic Primary and in polls for November, 2012 is Congressman Martin Heinrich (photograph). He is one of the rising new stars in the Democratic Party.

Democratic Party's Rising New Star?

-As "War Horse" is collecting all the awards on Broadway, Steven Spielberg is directing the film version. He has released the first trailer for the amazing story. Just click here to see it.

- In a Quinnipiac Poll taken after the passage of marriage equality in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo has a nationwide high approval rating among his fellow governors with 64%. So much for those myths on how being for same-sex marriage will kill you politically.

-Speaking of marriage equality, The Washington Post has a powerful editorial demanding that the President support it. The editorial, "Time To Stand Up For Gay Marriage" ends with:

The first question at the news conference was about Republican recalcitrance on tax increases. “Hopefully leaders at a certain point rise to the occasion and do the right thing for the American people,” Mr. Obama said. Later, he would say, “If you know you have to do something, you just do it.” The same words apply to him on marriage equality. So just do it already.

-PLEASE Wisconsin recall your horrible Governor Scott Walker. Now he wants to repeal the law that gives same sex partners hospital visitation rights. Are there no limits to this man's shame?

-Gavin Creel (photograph), who has a new album coming out in early 2012, is rumored to be the lead in a new Broadway version of "Pippin" according to Broadway World.

Gavin Creel 
Heading to Pippin?

-The Huffington Post ran ten videos of animals interrupting newscasters. You must take a few minutes to watch them and have a hardy laugh.

-Along the same lines but more of a holiday version, MSNBC has ten videos of the wildest roller coaster rides in the world. A couple of them took my breath away just watching the videos.

-Want to feel real old? The last person to be drafted into the military to fight in Vietnam has retired. Command Sgt. Major Jeff Mellinger is leaving after serving 39 years. Color me gray.

-The Victory Fund is reporting good news out of Hartford, Connecticut. Mayor Pedro Segarra's main opponent just dropped out of the race and endorsed Segarra. The mayor, who was appointed to fill a vacancy in last year, is openly and proudly gay.

-Virginia once again is promising to be a state that keeps us up all night in November, 2012. The race between Tim Kaine and George Allen is basically dead even according to recent polls.

Last week's davidmixner.com poll showed that 55% of you feel it is very important for Obama to be for marriage equality in order to deserve your vote. Only 19% said it wasn't that important!

-Russia has announced that it will have a high speed train between Moscow and St. Petersburg by the 2018 World Cup. Will the United States be the last country in the world to start building these systems?

-China continues with their high speed trains with the opening of the line between Shanghai and Beijing. The trains will hit speeds near 200 mph. Take a look at the video and marvel at China's latest train achievement.