Jul 11 2011




Every year newspapers, business people and others wait for Forbes Magazine tell us who is the richest person in the world. The "Forbes 400" list is examined with delight, pride and dismay by the wealthy. Others who yearn for such wealth devour the list looking for clues to success or who now they should hit for checks for charity. And pity the poor person who falls off the list!

However there is much less curiosity about the poorest nations in the world. We know that Liechtenstein for example has a GDP per capita of $118,000 compared to Zimbabwe with a mere $200 GDP per capita. That means a GDP per capita of 55 cents per day. That's right, just 55 cents a day! Africa dominates the list and only two of the top twenty poorest nations are not on that continent - Afghanistan and Nepal.

The world ignores these nations and for many Americans they do not even exist. Here is a test for you. Look at the map at the bottom and see if you can find the location of the ten poorest countries.

My guess is that the new nation of South Sudan might be near the top of this list if it had existed when the survey was completed. According to aneki.com, here are the ten poorest nations in the world:

1. Zimbabwe

2. Democratic Republic of the Congo

3. Burundi

4. Liberia

5. Guinea-Bissau

6. Somalia

7. Central African Republic

8. Eritrea

9. Malawi

10. Mozambique