Aug 12 2011



Director Cindy Abel

One of the great under-reported success stories of the LGBT community is our amazing ascent into the position of holding elective and appointive office. From the raw days when Elaine Noble running for Assembly in Massachusetts had to have round the clock police protection and the tragic assassination of Harvey Milk, we now see members of Congress, mayors of big cities and perhaps next year an open lesbian in the United States Senate.

The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund has been at the center of this march toward holding real power influence. In the states where we have had the biggest successes it always has been where we have had open LGBT officials fighting our battles within the power structure. Nothing has created more change for the community than electing our own.

Now filmmaker and Director Cindy Abel along with Executive Producer Kenneth Britt are in the process of making a documentary about this journey called "Breaking Through." They are still looking for help in bringing this important story to completion. Our young should know of this story and this documentary is a big step.