Aug 5 2011



Hardcore poverty in America is like our nation's dirty little secret shame that we keep in the backyard hidden from public view. With well over 15% of our work force out of work or no longer employable, the situation continues to become grave. More than 40 million of our fellow citizens depend now on food stamps in order to not go hungry. Americans tend to hear of poverty and give a compassionate sigh and express how outrageous the situation has grown.

However, really how much do you know about poverty? "The Campaign to Cut Poverty In Half In Ten Years" has created an amazing quiz about poverty. Not even going to share with you my score since I did much worse than I expected.

Take the quiz. It is only 15 questions and won't take long. Here is an example question.

How many children live in households struggling with hunger?

_One in six ?

_One in five?

_One in four?

_One in three?

You can find the answer by clicking here .