Aug 12 2011




For years in my youth either Massachusetts or Rhode Island was considered the most Democratic state in America. Well' Massachusetts is actually number 6 on the list and Rhode Island is way down at number 8! Vermont also used to be considered a bedrock Republican stronghold and is now solidly in the Democratic corner. Alabama used to be the center of the Democratic South but now is voting GOP. Would be a good multiple choice question on an exam to ask if Idaho, Wyoming, Utah or Alabama is the most Republican state. What would you pick? Here is how Gallup ranks them:

Here are the top ten most Democratic States:

1. District of Columbia
2. Hawaii
3. Maryland
4. Connecticut
5. New York
6. Massachusetts
7. Vermont
8. Rhode Island
9. Illinois
10. Delaware

Here are the top ten most Republican States:

1. Utah
2. Idaho
3. Wyoming
4. Alaska
5. North Dakota
6. Kansas
7. Nebraska
8. Alabama
9. Montana
10. South Carolina