Sep 13 2011



Yorks-gay-pride-parade-celebrates-20110626-134216-805 Josh Meltzer

-In the special election to fill former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner's seat, a strong anti-marriage Republican Bob Turner is leading. In good part he has gained credibility by the endorsement of former Democratic Mayor Ed Koch who wants to send a message to Israel. Really? Let's elect an anti-LGBT Republican on the back of our community for Israel? Wouldn't it be easier for Mayor Koch just to call the President instead of sacrificing our rights for another issue?

-Good news for the organization Freedom To Marry. Talented and smart Josh Meltzer (photograph) has decided to join their team as Director of Political Operations. This strengthens an already impressive team at Freedom to Marry. Evan Wolfson sure knows how to find the best and brightest!

-The Tea Party Republicans sure like to cheer death at their debates. Last night they cheered about letting a young man die if he didn't have health insurance and was critically ill. The week before they cheered the death penalty Remind me again, what is 'compassionate conservatism'?

-The fall season is starting to kick in early for The Glass House Tavern. Recent visitors have included actors Tyne Daly, Nathan Lane (photograph), John Cullum, Judith Light and Robert Desiderio. White House Social Secretary and old friend Jeremy Bernard also broke bread there.

 -Next Monday (September 19), Hofstra Law School is hosting "Marriage Equality and the Courts." Leading the discussion will be Richard Socarides and Theodore Boutrous. The panel will start at noon at 121 Hofstra Law School in Room 206 in Hempstead, New York. RSVP to

-Daily Kos has listed all of President Obama's accomplishments and it is impressive. You owe it to yourself to look at this list.

-Near 30 lions have been poisoned or kill in Kenya so far this year. They now have less than 1,500 of them left in the entire country.

-What is the best looking team in football? According to a story in The Wall Street Journal, it is the Buffalo Bills. The ugliest? Well that title belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs. Would have love to work on that survey and not sure I buy the results.

-Michael Tomasky has written a revealing article for the Daily Beast about the Republicans' war on Democratic programs and the President. The figures are actually startling. After looking at the stats, there is no question who is bringing Washington to a halt. Take a look.

-Remember Hurricane Katia hanging off our coast? Well it sped up and slammed into Ireland, Scotland and England with winds up to 80 mph. Only about five times in history has a storm made the journey all the way across the Atlantic maintaining such energy.

-Speaking of Ireland, David Norris, the openly gay candidate who withdrew from the Irish Presidential race earlier this year, has placed himself back in contention. Imagine a gay man as President of Ireland? Wonder what parade he will march in when he comes to New York City? Or if the Pope would greet him as a head of state?

-How tragic can it get? Young Andy Whitfield who had just gotten his first big break playing the title role in Starz's "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" has died at 39 of lymphoma. Our love goes out to family and friends.

-Via Towleroad comes this wonderful video of the 'first dance' at a gay wedding. Be sure to watch it until the end!

-The Independent has a fantastic article about investing in Broadway plays. If you are even considering putting a little money into a show this is a must read.

-North Carolina sure spends careful consideration in changing its State Constitution.  The North Carolina House took a total of one day from committee to passing it in the larger chamber to place a marriage ban in their Constitution.  What thoughtful people.

-Don't forget the Victory Fund Brunch this coming Sunday here in New York. Cheyenne Jackson is hosting and honored guests will include Mayor Annise Parker of Houston and City Council President Christine Quinn. Just click here for details .

-While the worst of the devastation from Hurricane Irene missed New York, the voters approve of Mayor Bloomberg's handling of the weather crisis. According to Quinnipaic University Poll, 86% of New Yorkers was supportive of the mayor's actions around Irene. His overall approval rating jumped 9% to a total of 54%. Ironically more Democrats like the mayor than Republicans!

-Our thoughts go to the people of Eastern Africa this week. First a ferry sank off Tanzania killing over 200 people and then a gas fire burned through the poorer sections of Nairobi killing over a 100 of its citizens.'s Big Picture has an amazing three dozens plus photographs of the World Trade Center over the last ten years. Know we have had saturation with 9/11 this weekend but these are worth viewing. Below are some of them and click here to see the rest and the all important photograph credits.