Oct 20 2011




Never thought these words would appear on davidmixner.com - Michele Bachmann was right when she said in Tuesday night's Republican debate that "what happens in Vegas, won't stay in Vegas" playing off the resorts popular slogan! Maybe because the Iowa caucuses are just 76 days away, the candidates at the debate really mixed it up. The tension and confrontation were all over the place.

What wasn't all over the place was the issue of jobs. They fought on who would hurt undocumented workers the most, how to take healthcare away from people and which tax programs would help the corporations the most. None of them used the platform to create an opportunity to talk seriously about the unemployed, hungry children and out of control poverty.

Romney and Perry really went at it over immigration. Romney actually in the heat of the moment touched Perry's shoulder and if looks could have killed Romney would be a dead duck right now. Santorum, who might have gained the most points last night, attacked Romney for the healthcare program he supported in Massachusetts. Cain kept trying to defend his 9-9-9 plan and looked more foolish each minute.

My guest is that Cain might have lost the most last night. Santorum might go up in the polls. Romney holds steady. Poor Rick Perry can't get it together. Maybe all those right wing minister friends of his should have another huge prayer convocation to help in his attempted comeback.