Oct 18 2011




-You have to love the above picture of Mitt Romney and his team taken in the 1980's. They all are holding cash and looking into the camera celebrating another victory for their company Bain Capital. The company often would take over other companies and lay off thousands of workers. The picture is just perfect.

-The new Quinnipiac Univesity Poll shows that by a 87% to 10% support the Occupy Wall Street protesters and 67% agree with their issues!

-3,000 people waited in line all night in Los Angeles at a one time chance for free medical care at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Organized by CareNow they treated 5,000 people in an effort to help in these difficult times.

-The Rainbow Snake and Fairy Shrimp have officially gone extinct in the state of Florida. Seems like each day we see more and more of our life forms just disappear forever.

-Time Magazine Poll shows Romney and President Obama in a neck and neck race. What is very interesting in the poll is how women are strongly supporting Obama. The magazine says:

In each case, the President was buoyed by his performance among female voters. Women prefer Obama over Romney by 8 percentage points (49% to 41%), over Perry by 17 points (53% to 36%) and over Cain by 21 points (53% to 32%).

-Anything Goes star Colin Donnell (below) will star in City Center Encores of Stephen Sondheim's "Merrily We Roll Along." Donnell has been on a real hot streak.


-Aussie Star Hugh Jackson admitted on The Rachael Ray Show that one time on stage during "Beauty and the Beast" he had to go so bad on stage that he simply peed in his pants.

-For National Coming Day last week, President of Jujamcyn Theaters, Jordan Roth, wrote a powerful piece in The Huffington Post.. It is worth the read.

-Brava to out lesbian Janice Langbehn! According to Towleroad.com she won the nation's second highest civilian honor. President Obama awarded her the Presidential Citizens Medal.

-Another very loud BRAVA to open lesbian Alison Nathan who was confirmed as a Federal Judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

-Want to know what the protesters are so angry about? "Business Insider" has charts and yes, more charts about the economic injustice in this country. Read these charts and you will be moving downtown to help these folks out!

-The newly elected openly Gay Chairman of the British National Labour Party Michael Cashman (photograph below) was seen breaking bread with Actress Judith Light in The Glass House Tavern. Cashman, who is an MP in the Euporean Parliament, has been a huge champion of international LGBT rights. He is the first openly member of the LGBT community to head the Labour Party. Also seen breaking bread at the eatery was Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes.


-In the latest Public Policy Poll, pizza king Herman Cain is leading for the Republican nomination. He is ahead of Romney by 8%! Guess who is third place with 15%? Newt Gingrich!

-For the first time in years, according to a CNN Poll, only 48% of the American people support the death penalty given a choice between that and life imprisonment without a chance for parole. Historically those who support the death penalty have led by wide margins.

-Speaking of polls, The American Research Group Poll shows that Cain is leading in Florida! The pizza king has 34% of Republicans and Romney is second with 28%. Gingrich has risen to third with 11% and Rick Perry is only at 5%.

-Good news coming out of New Hampshire! The latest poll showed that 50% of the voters do not want to repeal marriage equality and only 27% support repeal!

-Continuing on the marriage equality front, you know we are making progress when in Nebraska even 52% of Republicans support more rights for the LGBT community. Yep, that is right - Nebraska Republicans!

-You better get your tickets real quick for Cheyenne Jackson's much talked about upcoming performance at Carnegie Hall on November 18. Tickets are going quickly and it promises to be a special evening. Just click here to get these prized seats.

Cheyenne Jackson

-God evidently shouldn't be trusted. The deity is obviously quick with the endorsements. According to Bloomberg, the following have claim God's endorsement: Michele Bachman and Herman Cain both claim God spoke to them about running. The wives of Rick Perry and Rick Santorum have made the same claims.

-The news isn't so much that Zach Quinto has come out as is how lucky we are as the LGBT community to have such a talented and sterling performer among us.

-No sign yet that the State of Virginia won't once again keep us up again into the late hours of the morning awaiting results for their Senate race. The Richmond Times poll shows Tim Kaine and George Allen running neck and neck for the open United States Senate seat.

-Monday was a historic day in New Mexico with the opening of the first ever commercial spaceport in the world.

-In the all important South Carolina primary for Republicans, the latest poll showed Cain with a two to one lead over Romney. Cain was at 32%, Romney at 16% and Rick Perry came in third with 12%.

-North Carolina is the scene of an all out battle over a ballot measure to be voted on for next May. The voters would decide if an amendment to the State Constitution should be added to ban marriage equality. Couples have been attempting to get licences over the state in protest. The following video shows a couple of 30 years getting arrested as they attempted to get a marriage licence in Buncombe County. (It is toward the end of the emotional video). Here is the video from the North Carolina's "I Do" campaign .