Oct 25 2011



-Tony Award winning producer Paul Boskind was joined by Broadway's newest star Angela Bassett  (Mountaintop) (photograph above) and the legendary singer Annie Lennox for a small gathering in his home to hear about the remarkable work of Africa's mothers2mothers. The organization which was featured on "Good Morning America' on Monday attracted an impressive group in Paul's living room. After the presentation, Annie Lennox sat down a the piano in the living room and sang three songs. Everyone was moved by the speech of Patience who traveled from Africa to share her experience as an HIV positive mother. Judith Light, Alan Cumming, Lance Horne and others were there to support the mothers. The evening was the kind that everyone dreams about attending in New York. BRAVO!

-The latest University of Iowa Hawkeye Poll of likely participants in the January 3rd Iowa caucuses shows Republicans right now giving Cain 37%, Romney 27% and Ron Paul in third place with 12%. The caucuses are just 71 days away from today!!!!!

-Nevada Republicans right now are sticking with Mitt. In the latest Magellan Strategies Poll, Romney has 38% to Cain's 26%. Newt is gaining rapidly with 16%. In Nevada, 16% of Republicans say they are Mormon and Romney leads among them by 67%.

- San Francisco's AIDS Foundation CEO Neil Giuliano announced that the Foundation is joining forces with STOP AIDS Project to make for better healthcare in the Bay area.

-Everyone is feeling nothing but joy with the news that Freedom To Marry's Evan Wolfson and Dr. Cheng  have been married. If anyone deserved this honor it is the two of them. Wishing them nothing but happiness in their marriage.

-The ever-renowned jazz legend Dave Koz (photograph) has just released his "Ultimate Christmas Collection" and plans for his holiday tour. Just click here to get all the crucial information.


-The Glass House Tavern hosted the second anniversary party for Broadway's "Memphis" and a sizable luncheon for the American Theater Wing. It was like old home week at the Tavern between the two!

-Friendfactor's founder Brian Elliot is being honored by Auburn Seminary. The evening will be the 5th annual "Face to Face, Faith to Faith Celebration and Benefit." The November 7 event will be at Capitale and you can order your tickets here.

-Yet one more country is ready to embrace marriage equality: Denmark is next in line. The new Prime Minister will introduce the legislation right after New Year's.

-A record high 50% of all Americans support the legalizing of marijuana. According to Gallup Poll only those 65 and older oppose it strongly! Just a matter of time.

-The National Journal reports that 'a whopping 68%' of Americans support putting a 5% surtax on people earning more than a million a year.

-Public Policy Polling shows pizza king Herman Cain leading Romney in Ohio by 34% to 19%. Good ole Newt comes in third with 7%.

-The Hector Dolphins are close to extinction with only about a hundred of them left near New Zealand.


-Our man Chad Griffin of Proposition 8 Court Case fame has been selected by "The Hollywood Reporter" as one of the ten individuals in Hollywood that will make a difference in the 2012 elections.

-Highly respected former United States Senator Russ Feingold has endorsed Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin in her bid to be in the Senate. This is a huge boost for Tammy.

-All the news out of Africa is not necessarily bad for the LGBT community. Towleroad.com is reporting that Botswana's former President Festu Mogae says homosexuality should be decriminalized. Botswana continues to lead the continent in so many ways.

-The 27th International Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference will be held this year in Mayor Annise Parker's Houston. Put December 1st to 4th on your calendar and expect to mingle with electeds from around the world.

-A wonderful story about Father Mychal Judge (9/11) and how he has become an inspiration for LGBT Catholic.

-The Memorial Service for LGBT icon Paula Ettelbrick will be held on November 14 at 6:30PM. The service will be at the Fourth Unitarian Universalist Society at 160 Central Park West in New York .

-Click here if you want to see a commercial created for "Occupy Wall Street" forces.

-The Pope has called for radical economic reform with an international economy planning process. This must confuse the hell out of conservatives!

-Everyone is eagerly waiting the release of the Chinese film "The Flowers of War" about the Japanese rape of Nanking in World War II. The film stars Christian Bale as a priest attempting to save some prostitutes. The trailer has just been released: